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Schumer Announces Production Starting At NY Chocolate In Fulton

Schumer, NY Chocolate CEO Announce Chocolate Production Has Begun; Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder Chocolate Liquor, Crispy Rice All Being Produced On-Site

Schumer Brokered Original Deal Between Nestle and the Oswego County Industrial Development Agency; Next Step Is Recruiting More Customers

NY Chocolate has begun a full production schedule, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced today. Schumer, joined by NY Chocolate CEO Jean Claude Amon, unveiled the new production schedule, including the production of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate liquor and crispy rice. Schumer brokered the initial deal between Nestle and the Oswego County Industrial Development Agency in 2003 to allow a property transfer that would keep chocolate business and jobs at the site and has been working ever since to ensure chocolate production returns to Fulton.

“Chocolate is back in Fulton,” said Schumer. “This is great news for Central New York and an exciting day for all of New York,” said Schumer. “We have worked hard to make sure this day comes, and it’s finally here. Today’s milestone marks a real chance to lift the local economy, bring more jobs to Central New York, and restore a very rich tradition of chocolate to Fulton.”

Schumer and Amon today discussed the chocolate products currently made at the Fulton plant, including cocoa butter, cocoa powder chocolate liquor, and crispy rice and imminent plans for an expanded product line, with the capacity to produce chocolate mass and milk chocolate. Schumer and Amon discussed new jobs, and the latest efforts to identify additional retail outlets for its chocolate.

In October of 2003, Schumer convened the first ever meeting of investors to figure out ways to work together cooperatively at the site. Schumer's meeting provided the first opportunity for the principals to let the other know of their general vision regarding the future of the site, and to explore ways in which to work together. In the summer of 2004, Schumer met with the President of the Ivory Coast, S.E.M. Laurent Gbagbo, in Washington to discuss the Fulton chocolate plant and its development. President Gbagbo pledged his full support for the project and accepted Schumer's invitation to join him in Fulton for the plant's groundbreaking.

Since the July 2004 announcement of capital investment and new jobs, Schumer has been working with NY Chocolate on the next steps toward getting their business up and running and profitable. Schumer will continue to help the company identify retail outlets for its chocolate and also monitor trade issues with the Ivory Coast to ensure Fulton is not impacted by any turmoil.


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