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Congress Approves Legislation To Rename Woodside Post Office In Honor Of Thomas J. Manton

Crowley, Schumer Bills Clear Both Chambers; Clinton a Senate Co-Sponsor

Washington, DC - Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Queens & the Bronx), Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY) today announced both chambers of Congress approved respective bills to rename a post office in Woodside in honor of late Congressman Thomas J. Manton.

Rep. Crowley, who holds Manton's seat in Congress, and Sen. Schumer authored the bills to name the post office at 39-25 61st St. in Woodside the "Thomas J. Manton Post Office Building." The legislation was cleared in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, with Sen. Clinton as a co-sponsor.

Congressman Crowley,/b> said, "The debt of gratitude owed to Thomas Manton for a lifetime of public service can never truly be repaid. As a marine, police officer, City Council Member, and Congressman, he demonstrated true patriotism by making public duty his top priority. With this legislation to rename this post office in Tom Manton's honor, we pay tribute to his remarkable career and enduring memory as a public servant who fought tirelessly for the people of Woodside and Queens to improve our quality of life."

"Thomas Manton dedicated his life to serving his community and constituents, many who had recently immigrated to Queens and needed a public servant like Manton to help them achieve the American dream," said Senator Schumer. "Manton's patriotism and public service were exemplified in his tireless work as a cop, marine, and U.S. Representative. It is only fitting that the Post Office in Woodside will now bear the name of this great American hero."

"Tom Manton was a committed public servant who had a fundamental belief in the strength of community," said Senator Clinton. "He devoted his life's work to others as a Marine, a police officer, a City Council Member, and a Congressman. He was a man of an unwavering dedication to his roots, to his city, and to Queens, so it is only fitting that we rename the Woodside Post Office in his honor. He gave everything to his community and I am very pleased that this legislation will allow us to give something back as a lasting tribute to his family and his legacy."

Thomas Manton's legacy as an elected official includes representing Woodside in the New York City Council and in Congress for a total of almost 30 years in office. First elected as a Member of Congress representing the Seventh Congressional District in 1984, Manton held the seat until 1999. Prior to that, Manton served the Woodside area as a member of the New York City Council from 1970 to 1985. In addition to holding elected office, Manton was a police officer in the New York Police Department and served in the Marines.

Manton's career in the House of Representatives was marked by both local and international initiatives. As a former policeman, he fought for benefits for permanently injured officers and as an Irish American he worked to bring peace to Northern Ireland. After leaving Congress in 1999, Manton continued to serve as chairman of the Queens County Democratic Party. He remained the chair until his death on July 22, 2006. He was 73.


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