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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 24, 2007

Schumer Announces DHS Approves More Than $3 Million For NYC Nuclear Security

Vital "Securing Our Cities" Program Sets Up Ring of Protection Around Metro Area - Keeps Nuclear and Radiological Devices Out

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that the Department of Homeland Security has approved $3.25 million to help New York City carry out the “Securing Our Cities” program.  The new funding will go directly to help the NYPD implement the program which includes deploying a ring radiation detectors around the New York City area. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has indicated that the program is a top priority.


“This funding will help the NYPD implement an indispensable tool to protect the population and commercial centers of New York City from the possibility of a devastating nuclear or dirty bomb attack,” Schumer said. “New York City is poised to lead the way in implementing this high-tech system, but the federal government must provide sufficient resources to get the job done.”


The “Securing Our Cities” initiative is designed to assist regional collaborations of municipalities to set up a detection and interdiction ring around the region with the goal of preventing nuclear weapons or radioactive materials from entering densely populated areas. The New York City metro area is the first location that the Administration has selected to launch this groundbreaking program.


Local law enforcement authorities in and around New York City are planning to install a network of stationary and mobile detection devices on highways, sea lanes, bridges and tunnels throughout the City, Long Island, the lower Hudson Valley, and New Jersey. The Securing the Cities project has the strong support of law enforcement in New York City and the surrounding counties, and it is sorely needed to combat the threat of a nuclear or radiological attack against the city.


Earlier this year, the Senate approved a Schumer led amendment to increase funding for Securing Our Cities to $40 million for Fiscal Year 2008.


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