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In June, Schumer Pushed for Review of Case After Peekskill Police Department Was Mistakenly Penalized for Missing Report Deadline

After Schumer's Push for DOJ to Review Documentation, $7,000 Fine Recalled

Schumer: DOJ Made the Right Decision

After urging the Department of Justice to review a $7,000 penalty that was assigned to the Peekskill Police Department, Senator Schumer today announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has reviewed additional documentation and recalled the debt that was mistakenly placed on the City of Peekskill. After receiving funding from the Department of Justice in 2001, the City of Peekskill requested and was granted an extension to file required paperwork for the contract. Despite the extension, the Department of the Treasury opened a federal debt case and fined the Police Department $7,000 as penalty for late submission. In June, Senator Schumer wrote personal letter to the Department of Justice Attorney General urging him to review the City of Peekskill’s case and remove the fine.


Today, Senator Schumer announced that the Department of Justice has reviewed the case and recalled the debt.


“The Peekskill Police Department has reason to celebrate today,” said Schumer. “It was a hard fight, but in the end, DOJ made the right decision in taking this ridiculous burden off the back of our law enforcement officials. These funds can now be directed toward more important initiatives and support the department’s extraordinary efforts in keeping city streets safe. I am glad that I was able to help resolve this matter.”


In 2001, the Peekskill Police Department was awarded funding under the Local Law Enforcement Grant Program from the DOJ. As part of its efforts to complete the final report for the contract, the City of Peekskill requested, and was granted, an extension to file the required paperwork from DOJ. Despite the extension, the Department of the Treasury opened a Federal Debt Case in the amount of $7,000 against the City’s police department. The Police Department’s delay in submitting the paperwork was necessary to ensure an accurate and complete report. After obtaining an extension, the Police Department proceeded to comply with all parameters of their contract with the DOJ.


After receiving a personal letter from Senator Schumer urging Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey to investigate the matter, the Department of Justice reviewed additional documentation provided by the City of Peekskill and determined that the original debt issue has been resolved. The DOJ has committed to recall the full amount of the debt from the U.S. Department of Treasury.


“On behalf of the Department, I wish to thank Senator Schumer for the invaluable assistance he provided in resolving this serious matter in the City’s favor,” said Peekskill Police Chief Eugene Tumolo.  “His intervention on our behalf has saved the taxpayers a substantial and un-necessary outlay of money in a time when every dollar is so precious. The dollars saved will be used to further vital enforcement and community outreach initiatives.  Once again Senator Schumer and his office have come through for us at a most critical time.”





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