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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 16, 2008


Schumer Has Long Urged Feds to Stop Dragging Their Feet on the New Social Security Office To Boost Downtown and Ensure Ease of Access for the Elderly and Disabled

In February, Senator Urged General Services Administration to Set a Firm Date to Start the Long-Awaited and Much-Needed Project

Schumer Announces GSA Will Sign New Lease Today - Get Social Security Office Up and Running

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced a huge victory for Ogdensburg in its push to relocate the Social Security Administration to the city’s central business district, as the General Services Administration (GSA) signs a lease today on a new location. The long-awaited project will move the office to a more central location from Commerce Park to 101 Ford Street. Schumer said the relocated office is a win-win for local residents, especially elderly and disabled social security beneficiaries because they will benefit from a brand new and much more convenient downtown facility.  

“Persistence really does pay off. I am so glad we could work to get the GSA to stop dragging its feet and put this project into motion so that we can boost Downtown Ogdensburg, even as we make life a little easier for our seniors and the disabled,” Schumer said. “This new facility will be a huge benefit to Ogdensburg seniors and will be a shot in the arm for the entire community. Now we can quickly transition into the new office and ensure we don’t lose benefits or complications for those who rely on Social Security to make ends meet.”

Schumer has repeatedly called on the GSA to move the Ogdensburg SSA office from Commerce Park to a new downtown location. In February, after city officials were ready to move forward with relocating its SSA office from the GSA was stalling on the project. The GSA had extended the lease at Commerce Park by nine months, with a month-to-month option following that. While GSA stated that it would take at least nine months to relocate the SSA operation, Ogdensburg engineers predict that it would take a mere four months to make the former post office ready for the SSA. A quick and easy transition would ensure no lost benefits or complications for those who rely on the Social Security Administration to survive. The sooner SSA can come downtown, the sooner the SSA beneficiaries of Ogdensburg and the downtown community itself can start to benefit from its new proximity.

In response to the GSA’s sluggishness in relocating the office, Schumer called on the GSA in February to move forward as quickly as possible.

Today, Schumer announced the GSA is signing its lease for a new, centrally located SSA office. Schumer said the new building will not provide a central location for the office in the city’s central business district.

Schumer said the move downtown would be beneficial to the entire community as part of downtown's waterfront development and its central location and proximity of many senior citizens, making critical Social Security services more accessible. In addition, Schumer said the SSA, as a major main street tenant, will contribute directly to the vitality of the downtown Ogdensburg community.



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