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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 17, 2009


Funding Included at Senators' Request; Will be Used to Operate a Shuttle Bus Service to Accommodate Students, Faculty, and Visitors from Both St. John's University and Wagner College and Grymes Hill

Schumer, McMahon: Shuttle Will Ease Traffic Congestion, Help Students Get Around, and Boost the Staten Island Economy

Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and U.S. Congressman Michael McMahon announced final Congressional approval of $381,490 for St. John’s University for a shuttle bus service on Staten Island that will provide a direct path from St. John’s University and Wagner College to the Staten Island Ferry. The project is called the Staten Island Ferry Campus Shuttle Bus Service and will help support two institutions of higher education on Staten Island to give students, faculty, and visitors from both institutions additional transportation options both to and from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. The bus route will be a much-needed, positive step in the expansion of public transportation for all of Staten Island. Staten Island, specifically in the area around the Staten Island Expressway, is hampered by congestion. The shuttle will ease traffic in the area and provide a necessary route to the Staten Island Ferry for students in the area. Both schools sit atop Grymes Hill, which makes for a dangerous two mile walk to and from the ferry.


“I am thrilled that this route from St. John’s University to the Staten Island Ferry will now become a reality,” Schumer said. “This bus route is great news for not only St. John’s University and Wagner College, but for all of Staten Island. It will ease traffic congestion in the area, help students, faculty, and visitors get around Staten Island and travel into Manhattan, and boost the Staten Island economy. I am proud to have worked so hard to see this vision come to fruition.”


"Helping our students receive the best education they can has always been a priority for me, and ensuring that they can get to school safely and efficient is one component of that" said Rep. McMahon.  "Students can use this shuttle service to commute to school or go into Manhattan.  The added benefit is that by using this shuttle service, less students will drive to our Island colleges and some of the traffic on the Island will be alleviated.  I am happy that our hard work paid off in federal funds for this worthy program."


“I applaud the collaborative efforts of Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Michael McMahon who together worked to secure federal funds to support this much needed transportation program,” said Rev. Donald J. Harrington, C.M., President of St. John’s University. “The Staten Island Campus Shuttle Program will help transport St. John’s University and Wagner College students to and from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly manner and expands opportunities and access for students living and learning on Staten Island.”


The Staten Island Ferry Terminal is located 2 miles away from both Wagner College and the Staten Island Campus of St. John’s University which are located on top of a steep hill.  In terms of public transportation, there are two travel options for commuting students: Students can take the S62 Bus that runs along Victory Boulevard and get off at the bus stop at Theresa Place and the campus is then a 10 minute walk either up or down a steep hill or students take the S62 Bus to the corner Clove Road and transfer to the S60 Bus that runs up Howard Avenue and drops students off at Arlo Road for a very short walk to campus.  The S60 Bus runs on a limited schedule from 6:15am-9:15pm and even less on weekends.


To supplement the limited public transportation access to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, St. John’s University and Wagner College currently have been sharing the use of a shuttle service to and from the campuses to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.  The Shuttle Service runs Monday through Friday from 6:40am-11:30pm and has a ridership of 50,000 each semester for a total of 100,000 riders per academic year.  But St. John’s University and Wagner College have been searching for a more permanent solution and have sought federal funds to create their own independently operated shuttle service or to cover the costs of the current shuttle service. The funds will help support two institutions of higher education on Staten Island and would give students from both institutions additional transportation options to/from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.


St. John’s University’s Staten Island Campus is situated on a 17 acre campus in a peaceful, tree-lined residential community.  The Staten Island Campus is home to almost 1,600 undergraduate students and approximately 300 graduate students and has a small residential component with students residing at the neighboring Grymes Hill Apartments. Wagner College is located on 105 acres of park-like grounds atop Grymes Hill and is home to almost 1,900 undergraduate students and approximately 300 graduate students.


The appropriations bill will now head to President Obama for his signature.


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