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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 30, 2011


In Friendly Bet With Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Schumer Wagers A Bottle of Light Amber Crown Maple Syrup from the Founders’ Reserve Produced In Dutchess County – Schumer Has Visited The Farm And Sampled The Syrup

If The Yankees Win, Schumer Will Receive a Case of American Spoon Preserves from Michigan Schumer: With The Yankees Set To Trounce The Tigers, It’s a Shame Sen. Stabenow Won’t Get To Taste This Delicious Syrup


Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer placed a friendly wager with his colleague from Michigan, Senator Debbie Stabenow, over the American League Divisional Series between the Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. Following a visit to Dutchess County this afternoon, Schumer wagered a bottle of Crown Maple’s Light Amber Syrup from the company’s Founder’s Reserve. If the Yankees beat the Tigers, Schumer will receive a case of American Spoon Preserves from Michigan.


“With the Yankees set to roll right over the Tigers, it’s a shame Senator Stabenow won’t get to sample the ‘Chateau Lafite-Rothscild’ of Maple Syrup,” said Schumer. “I had the privilege of sampling Crown Maple earlier this year, and you won’t find better maple syrup anywhere else around. I look forward to my assortment of jams and spreads from American Spoon, and watching the Yankees march closer to their 28th World Championship.”


Crown Maple Farm is located in Dutchess County, and is a state-of-the-art maple tapping and production facility. Crown Maple Farm is owned and managed by Robb and Lydia Turner and is part of Madava Estates. The farm and production facility is located in the Hudson River Valley, and the 800 acre property contains thousands of sugar and red maples that produce an ideal sap for maple sugaring. Crown Maple has invested in some of the most advanced maple syrup production technologies available which will allow New York to become the leader in U.S. maple production. Crown Maple has already created 50 construction jobs, and expects to employ approximately 100 New Yorkers once at full capacity. The syrup has been tasted by some of the top chefs in New York City who have placed orders for the product. 


Crown Maple Farm has invested in new, state of the art technologies to produce maple syrup. Crown Maple has 450,000 lineal feet in place for lines of operation that will feed the sap into the collection “sugarhouse” and production facility. When sap is collected, in the ‘sugarhouse’, it meets the green, organic production techniques to produce pure maple syrup. Through this technique, Crown Maple creates .6 gallons of syrup per 1 gallon of sap, approximately 3 times more than is produced using more standard techniques. Crown Maple currently has about 18,000 taps in the estate’s maple trees, and plans to have 30,000 on the 800 acre property next season.   Once fully operational, the building will support 400,000 taps on 950 acres. 


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