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Schumer-Backed Bill Allows Up To Three Airports To Apply For Federal Military Airport Program (MAP) Funding – Griffiss Has Received MAP Funding Previously

With FAA Now Eligible To Award MAP Funds To Three Airports Instead of Just One, Griffiss Can Reapply With Better Odds For Success

Schumer: FAA Bill Could Clear The Way To Land More Federal Funds


Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced that the recently passed Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill will boost Griffiss Airport’s chance of securing federal Military Airport Program (MAP) funding. Griffiss has benefitted from this type of funding in the past, before the airport lost the sole general aviation slot to receive funding to a Brunswick, ME airport. Following the loss of funding, Schumer worked to expand the number of ‘general aviation’ airports that could receive funding in a given year from one to three, and secured these additional slots as part of the FAA reauthorization bill that passed Congress this week. Griffiss will now have the opportunity to reapply and become one of three airports across the country receiving MAP funding.


“These investments were key to Griffiss’ success, and this FAA bill reopens the door to reaping their benefits again,” said Schumer. “Griffiss absolutely deserves MAP funding, which is why I went to bat to increase their chances of success in the FAA bill. The airport is an economic engine for the Mohawk Valley, and these funds could be the motor oil that keeps it running strong. I’m hopeful the FAA will do the right thing and pick Griffiss for MAP funding soon.”


The Military Airport Program (MAP) uses federal funds to convert former military airports to civilian or joint-use airports. MAP funding, a set-aside of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), provides a boost to civilian aviation capacity by upgrading former military airports. A total of 15 airports may participate in the program at any one time, but previously only a single ‘general aviation’ airport could receive funding. The FAA reauthorization bill now allows up to three general aviation airports to receive funding at a given time. Airports may be selected or reselected to receive financial assistance for up to five years.


Since 1990, the FAA has provided airport sponsors approximately $614 million for a variety of projects such as building or rehabilitating surface parking lots, fuel farms, hangars, utility systems, access roads, and cargo buildings.  Many of these projects are not normally eligible for AIP funding, but projects for MAP-designated airports have unique eligibility rules to convert the airports to civilian or joint use.


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