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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 24, 2012


MetalCraft Marine Is Seeking To Renovate Building Space To Expand Boat Manufacturing Operation – Company Currently Building Public Safety Vessels, And Federal Help Could Spur Expansion
Schumer Calls On Feds To Fund Nearly $800,000 ‘Assistance To Small Shipyard Grant’ That Would Help North Country Manufacturer Double Its Workforce Over The Next Year
Schumer: More Boats = More Jobs


Today, at MetalCraft Marine in Cape Vincent, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer called on the federal government to approve the company’s request for a grant that could help the manufacturer double its workforce and expand its manufacturing operation in Jefferson County. Schumer is pushing to secure nearly $800,000 in federal grants through the Assistance to Small Shipyards grant program that would be used to renovate and repurpose approximately 9,000 square feet of space to be used for boat manufacturing. With this help, the company could double its workforce over the next year as it produces additional high speed fire and rescue, patrol, and other work boats in the coming months. Schumer is strongly supporting the application as securing the federal assistance is a key part of the company’s growth strategy.


“For years, MetalCraft Marine has worked to build a name for itself in Jefferson County as a major player in the North American commercial boat industry, and has gone to work in New York to build top-of-the line boats for our Navy, the New York State Pilots Association and beyond,” said Schumer. “Their hard work and delivery of a top-rate product has paid off, and now they have plans to move and expand into a new facility in Cape Vincent to better accommodate needs and double their workforce in Jefferson County, by hiring highly-skilled metal workers, technicians and more. That is why I’m urging the Maritime Administration to select this first-rate boat producer for a Small Shipyard Grant, because it is critical to reward MetalCraft Marine’s pursuit of excellence and their plans to create jobs, with the means to make their new operations a success from coast to coast.”

Schumer toured the manufacturing facility and was joined by MetalCraft’s owner, Tom Roe and other management officials as he pushed for a federal investment that would allow MetalCraft Marine Inc. in Jefferson County to renovate its boat production facility and double its number of employees in the next year. Schumer specifically called on the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation to reward MetalCraft Marine U.S. Inc. with $800,000 from the Assistance to Small Shipyard Grant Program. This year, the program has made $9,980,000 available for qualified shipyard facilities that need capital and related improvements. Qualified recipients will use the grant funds for ship construction, streamlining production and competitive operations. Eligible applicants for this grant must not employ more than 1,200 production employees.


MetalCraft Marine Inc. was established in 1987 and the company began its work in the patrol and workboat market.MetalCraft was readily accepted in the commercial marketplace and began to work closely with key government procurement agencies. Since that time, MetalCraft has carved a name for itself in the North American commercial boat industry, particularly in the designing and building of high speed patrol and search & rescue boats. MetalCraft’s boats have been used by the U.S. Navy for the Force Protection Program and have served in the War on Iraq. MetalCraft focuses its mission on providing a high-quality product with an extensive warranty promise at competitive costs.

In 2007, MetalCraft opened a facility in Clayton, New York that builds specialty boats for the U.S. Navy and the New York State Pilots Association. MetalCraft Marine U.S. Inc. are currently building prototype test boats for the U.S. Coast Guard that could result in a contract for one hundred boats over seven years and have recently commenced building a pilot boat for Key West, Florida. The company has also contracted with the City of Houston to supply three 70' fireboats worth over $15 million. Schumer noted that based on all of its success and this expansion, MetalCraft has outgrown its facility in Clayton and will be transferring production to a much larger facility in Cape Vincent. In order for the company to expand and construct a state-of-the-art facility that can meet this demand, MetalCraft is seeking an $800,000 in a federal Assistance to Small Shipyards grant. Upon completion of this expansion, which will stimulate the Jefferson County economy, the boat company plans to hire highly skilled workers, such as aluminum welders, marine mechanical and electrical systems technicians, and metal fitters and finishers, doubling its workforce.

A copy of Schumer’s letter appears below:


Harry Haskins

Associate Administrator for Business and Workforce Development

US Department of Transportation

Maritime Administration

Room W21-318

1200 New Jersey Ave. SE.

Washington, DC 20590


Re:       MetalCraft Marine, Incorporated 2012 Application

             Assistance to Small Shipyard Grant Program


Dear Associate Administrator:


I am writing to express my strong support for MetalCraft Marine, Inc.’s Application for funding through the Assistance to Small Shipyard Grant Program in order to make their proposed expansion project in Cape Vincent, New York, a reality.


MetalCraft Marine, Inc. (“MetalCraft”) is in the business of designing and building high performance aluminum boats, and has extensive experience in building boats for use by U.S. government entities.  Due in large part to its success in providing boats to the U.S. Government, the company has been awarded additional contracts and it is because of the resultant expected increase in sales that MetalCraft intends to expand its U.S. operations.


Assistance from the Small Shipyard Grant Program will help MetalCraft to not only renovate and repurpose an additional 9,000 square feet of building space into a manufacturing facility, but also establish an in-house paint booth and integrate aluminum plate cutting into its operations instead of outsourcing to 3rd party non-US suppliers.  Integrating the painting and aluminum plate cutting into the facility at Cape Vincent will not only improve the quality of their boats but will also reduce production costs and increase profit margins per boat.  This will allow MetalCraft to complete its 5 year plan for capital expansion in a relatively short period of time, allowing the company to focus its resources on improving production processes. MetalCraft will also be able expand its workforce by attracting, hiring, training and retaining talented employees to be skilled and knowledgeable boat builders.


It is clear that MetalCraft intends to make a significant contribution to the economy in Jefferson County and beyond.  The completed expansion project will be an asset for Jefferson County and a highlight to the North Country economy.  I offer my personal support for this application, and ask that you give it strong consideration.


Please contact me at 202-224-5642 if you have any questions or need additional information.



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