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Last Week, Over a Dozen Surplus Humvees Arrived at Fort Drum; Schumer Urges Dept. of Defense To Send Armored Vehicle To Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

In Personal Letter, Schumer Goes To Bat For Oneida County’s Application To Receive A Humvee, Says Move Would Protect Officers

Schumer: This Vehicle Can Provide Vital Protection to Oneida’s Sheriff Office Personnel


Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer urged the Department of Defense to partner with the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and fulfill their request for the County’s first-ever armored Humvee, through the government’s surplus equipment program. Following news that Fort Drum has received over a dozen up-armored surplus vehicles that are ready for national allocation, Schumer connected Oneida County with the federal 1033 Program, which allows them to apply for this armored vehicle. With Oneida County’s application for a Humvee submitted, Schumer wrote a letter to the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO), a subset of the DoD that administers the 1033 Program, to prioritize Oneida County’s application for a Humvee, which would be the county’s first piece of surplus equipment from this program. Schumer also noted that Sheriff Maciol has specific and proactive plans for usage of this Humvee, including its critical role as part of the “Emergency Response Team,” which handles a variety of high-risk situations.  


“Our law enforcement professionals risk their lives every single day to protect our communities, and in return we owe them the best tools available to stay safe on the job,” said Schumer. “I urge the Department of Defense to prioritize Oneida County Sheriff’s Office’s request for a surplus Humvee, recently made available for allocation at Fort Drum, so that the Sheriff can quickly put the vehicle to work protecting law enforcement officials and the thousands and thousands of residents living in Oneida County. The Oneida County Sherriff’s application is worthy and well structured, and an armored vehicle is critical to the life-saving work that Oneida officials do each day. The hardworking men and women of the Sheriff’s office have our back every day, it’s time we get theirs.”


Through Senator Schumer’s office, the Oneida County Sherriff recently joined the federal 1033 Program, which allocates surplus government equipment to local law enforcement agencies. Through this program, Oneida County has applied for an up-armored Humvee, which had entered the LESO inventory and sits unused at Fort Drum. Schumer noted that Oneida County is new to the 1033 Program, and he pushed for this office to take priority in selecting a recipient of the Humvee. Oneida County has plans in place to begin using the surplus Humvee, that currently sits unused. Under Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol, the Humvee would play a valuable role as part of the “Emergency Response Team,” which handles dangerous situations like standoffs, hostage negotiations and shooter situations. Schumer also highlighted that the Office would use the vehicle for dealing with treacherous conditions throughout the county that other vehicles would not be suited to handle, like flooding and snow storms.


“Senator Schumer knew we were interested in an Up-armored humvee and immediately walked us through the process of bringing one here to Oneida County,” said Oneida County Sheriff, Rob Maciol. “As one of New York’s larger Sheriff Offices across the state, we could really utilize this piece of equipment and because of Senator Schumer’s help, we’ll continue to monitor other surplus equipment in the future. With his assistance today, Senator Schumer has once again proven he’s never too busy to fight for New York’s first responders.”     


In his letter, Schumer highlights that the Oneida County Sherriff Office, which serves a large population of New Yorkers, is new to the federal 1033 Program and has never received surplus equipment, such as a Humvee. Given that and the fact that the office has a well-developed plan for proactive usage of this vehicle, Schumer urged DoD’s LESO office to prioritize Oneida County’s application for a surplus vehicle in Fort Drum, to better protect law enforcement officials and local residents in high-risk situations.


A copy of Senator Schumer’s letter appears below:


April 19, 2012

Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson
Director, Defense Logistics Agency
Andrew T. McNamara Building
8725 John J. Kingman Road
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6221

Dear Admiral Thompson:


I write today on behalf of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. I have recently connected their department with your agency’s highly regarded “1033 Program,” and write asking you to grant Oneida County’s request for one (1) Up-armored humvee. With guidance from my office, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office has completed their ‘Property Request Justification Form’ and has been given the green light to continue in the surplus equipment request pool by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice.


As you are aware, Up-armored humvees were made available at Fort Drum last week. While various agencies around the country subscribing to the Department of Defense (DOD) Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) have both requested and been allocated up-armored vehicles, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office is new to the program and currently waiting in queue. Nevertheless, the Sheriff’s Office has worked diligently with my office to get on this waiting list and has put a proactive usage plan in place, should they be awarded the up-armored vehicle.


Under the direction of Sheriff Rob Maciol, this vehicle, which would be a first-of-its-kind for the department, would play a valuable role as part of the “Emergency Response Team.” The department’s response team reacts to active shooter situations, stand-offs, and hostage negotiations. Moreover, the department could also utilize this Up-armored humvee for off-road patrols, snow storms or floods. In addition, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office would partner with students at Mohawk Valley Community College on any refurbishing needs of the vehicle, ensuring it meets the appropriate standards of service at little to no cost to the Sheriff Office’s  budget.


Again, I enthusiastically support the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office admission into this program and firmly support their first-time request for one (1) Up-Armored humvee. After working with the department on navigating this endeavor, I am confident this surplus piece of equipment would give their department another tool to keep Oneida County Safe. As always, please let me know if I can be of any assistance regarding this matter.




U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer



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