Schumer: 'Americans Were Expecting A Lot More From The President'

Sen. Chuck Schumer today released the following statement on President Bush's speech to the nation on Hurricane Katrina and the tapping of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR):

"On energy, Americans were expecting a lot more from the President. He took a tiny baby step when a giant step is required.

"It is good that we're letting refiners who request it to temporarily tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but a far more muscular use of the SPR is what is needed at a time when oil is over $70 a barrel.

"When prices of gasoline are over $3.00 a gallon, that is what Americans need."

Schumer has long been pushing the White House to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help combat increasingly high gasoline prices. Oil is over a record of $70 per barrel this week. Nearly a quarter of the nation’s domestic oil production comes from this hurricane prone Gulf region.