Funding Will Upgrade Space; Improve Health Services

Schumer: Funding Is Just What Doctor Ordered For Buffalo Residents


Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced a grant totaling $500,000 for the Northwest Buffalo Community Health Center, Inc. through a Capital Development – Immediate Facility Improvement grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The funding will be used to revamp the Northwest Buffalo Community Health Center’s HVAC system, exam rooms and waiting room space.


"This is just what the doctor ordered for Buffalo area residents and the Northwest Buffalo Community Health Center,” said Schumer. “Funding for these upgrades to the facility will not only create construction jobs but increase the quality of medical services for patients.”


This award will allow the Northwest Buffalo Community Health Center to make improvements to the 9,000sq ft. facility located on Lawn Street in Buffalo. These improvements include upgrades to the HVAC system which had an 11 year life span and is now over 24 years old. Additionally, some improvements will be made to exam rooms and the first phase of renovations will be made to the waiting room. This is the first piece of an overall capital plan still in development. 
In New York, Community health centers provide high quality, affordable and accessible primary medical, dental and preventive care to more than 1.4 million New Yorkers at over 470 sites in urban, suburban and rural settings.


Recent increased funding for America’s community health centers began with a $2 billion investment in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act included $11 billion in funding for community health centers. The two laws combined will help America’s community health centers to serve nearly twice as many patients as before. The newly awarded funds will support renovation and construction projects and boost a center’s ability to care for additional patients while creating jobs in those communities. Community health centers are an integral source of local employment and economic growth in many underserved and low-income communities. In 2010, they employed more than 131,000 staff and new funds made available today will help create thousands of jobs nationwide.


As part of the ACA, the Capital Development-Immediate Facility Improvements (CD-IFI) emphasizes shorter-term projects and is providing approximately $100 million to existing health centers to address immediate facility needs. Health Center Program grantees requesting CD-IFI funding must demonstrate how their proposal will address the immediate facility improvement needs at their current site(s).  Health centers improve the health of the nation’s vulnerable populations and underserved communities by ensuring access to primary health care services. Currently, more than 8,100 service delivery sites around the country deliver care to nearly 20 million patients regardless of their ability to pay.


In addition to providing essential health care, community health centers also provide high-quality jobs in communities nationwide.  In 2010, they employed more than 131,000 staff including 9,600 physicians, 6,400 nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and certified nurse midwives, 11,400 nurses, 9,500 dental staff, 4,200 behavioral health staff, and more than 12,000 case managers and health education, outreach, and transportation staff.  Since the beginning of 2009, health centers have added more than 18,600 new full-time positions in many of the nation’s most economically distressed communities. The funding awards announced today will infuse critical dollars into health centers and their surrounding communities, enhancing health centers’ ability to serve more patients and creating thousands of jobs across the country.