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Press Releases
Date Title
02/26/08  Schumer To Hold First-Ever Meeting With Fema Administrator, Nassau And Suffolk Emergency Officials To End Long-Running Stalemate Over Promised Reimbursement And Disaster Supplies Removed From Long Island
02/26/08  Schumer Warns: 450,000 New York City Area Seniors Will Not Receive Federal Stimulus Checks In The Mail This Spring Unless They File A Tax Return - Low-Income Social Security Recipients Left In The Dark On How To Obtain Much-Need Money
02/22/08  Schumer Announces New York Set To Receive $14 Million In Emergency Heating Assistance
02/21/08  Schumer Hails Victory For North Tonawanda; Announces FEMA Approval Of Appeal To Secure Funds For Costly Storm Clean-Up
02/20/08  Schumer Digs Oswego: After Waging Campaign, Senator Announces Full Funding Secured To Dredge Port Of Oswego
02/20/08  Schumer Announces Chautauqua County Fire Department Will Receive Over $30,000 In Federal Fire Grants
02/20/08  Schumer Announces Rensselaer County Fire Department Will Receive Over $40,000 In Federal Fire Grants
02/20/08  Schumer Announces Hudson Valley Fire Departments Will Receive Over $100,000 In Federal Fire Grants
02/20/08  Schumer Announces Honeoye Falls Fire Department Will Receive Over $47,000 As Federal Fire Grant
02/16/08  After Series of Tragic School Shootings and Scares at NYC Area Schools, Schumer Calls for Passage of Key Legislation and Massive Federal Mobilization to Stem Rash of Violence, Protect the Million of Kids at NYC Schools
02/15/08  With Lake Placid's Rich Olympic History, Schumer, Gillibrand Urge US Olympic Committee to Submit Bid for Town to Host Inaugural Youth Olympics
02/15/08  After Hard-Fought Battle To Beef-Up NYS Train Safety, Schumer Secures From CSX Long-Overdue Funding And Upgrades For Rail Tracks In Every Region Of State
02/14/08  Schumer Reveals: State Farm Covertly Cancelling Homeowners Insurance Policies All Across Long Island, As Other Insurers, Such as Allstate, Continue to Flee
02/14/08  Schumer Pushes for Expedited Passage of Senate's Housing Recovery Package; Calls for Bipartisan Support Similar to Economic Stimulus
02/12/08  Schumer on 'Project Lifeline': Pausing Foreclosures is not Enough: Marking Loan Principals Down to Market Value 'Most Viable' Resuce Option for Many Borrowers
02/12/08  Schumer Urges Myrtle Beach Direct to Expand Air Service to Albany International Airport; Provide Needed Link to Popular Vacation Spot
02/11/08  Grassley, Schumer Warn Payday Lenders: Stay Away From Americans' Rebate Checks
02/07/08  Schumer Personally Speaks With Ralph Wilson, Gains Assurances From Bills Owner That Franchise Has Every Intention Of Remaining In Buffalo
02/06/08  Schumer Reveals: President's Budget Takes Meat Axe To Upstate Hospitals As New Round Of Medicare Cuts Cost Hospitals More Than $2.4 Billion Over The Next Five Years
02/06/08  Schumer Announces Rensselaer County Fire Department Will Receive Over $140,000 As A Federal Fire Grant
02/06/08  Schumer Announces Two Erie County Fire Departments Will Receive Over $200,000 Through Federal Fire Grants
02/06/08  Schumer Announces Cortland County Fire Department Will Receive $57,000 As A Federal Fire Grant
02/05/08  With CSX's String Of Accidents Continuing Into The New Year, Schumer To Meet Face-To-Face With Company's CEO To Press Him To Acquire New Technology That Reduces Derailments
02/04/08  Schumer Analysis: Administration Budget Proposal Shows Bush Remains Out Of Touch Even As Nation Lurches Toward Recession; Request Tragically Underfunds Vital New York Programs, Ignores Housing Crisis
02/04/08  Schumer, Clinton, Lautenberg, Menendez Introduce Congressional Resolution Celebrating Giants Super Bowl Win
02/04/08  With Pepsi Bottling Group Considering Abandoning Westchester For New Home In Connecticut, Schumer Personally Lobbies Pepsi Bottling Ceo To Keep Company In Town Of Somers
02/01/08  To Honor Western New York Cold War Hero, Ed Walker, Schumer Re-Introduces Bethlehem Steel Workers Legislation As "The Ed Walker Memorial Act"
01/31/08  Schumer Calls On Major League Baseball To Throw Out Plan To End Annual Hall Of Fame Baseball Game In Cooperstown, NY - A Rich Tradition For Baseball Lovers Since 1940
01/30/08  Schumer Releases: "The Worst Of Both Worlds" Report Detailing How DHS' Ill-Devised Plan Brings Poor Security And Long-Delays To NY's Northern Border
01/30/08  Schumer Announces Chautauqua County Fire Department Will Receive Over $98,000 As A Federal Fire Grant
01/30/08  Schumer Announces Chenango County Fire Department Will Receive Over $40,000 As A Federal Fire Grant
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