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Chuck Schumer is constantly traveling around New York meeting constituents and helping people. Click on the graphic at right to visit our map page. There you can click on your local area to see how Chuck is making a real difference for you.
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Helping New York Recover and Rebuild

Improving America's Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs

The War on Terrorism: Putting Security First

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Top Stories

Schumer: News Analysis Shows Gas Prices Hit Historic Highs Because Saudis Cut Back Millions of Barrels of Oil in August
US Senator Charles Schumer released new government data showing that Saudi Arabia sharply curtailed oil exports to the US in the first three weeks of August, just as gasoline supplies ran short nationwide and prices at NY gas pumps reached their highest prices ever. Schumer also released a new report showing how high gas prices have gotten in each New York region.


Schumer Seeks Federal Aid To Help New York Cover Cost Of Response To Blackout
US Senator Charles Schumer asked FEMA to help New York's emergency services cover the costs of responding to the power outage that struck the Northeast. Schumer said the massive response police, fire, and paramedics would cost millions. Schumer also asked the federal govt to assist businesses who suffered significant losses, and help the MTA and other private and govt entities.


New Schumer Analysis Reveals Federal Budget Is Shortchanging NY Schools by $133 Million
US Senator Charles E. Schumer said a new analysis by his office reveals that the White House budget fails to provide approx. $133 million in federal funding that was promised to schools in upstate New York when Congress passed the landmark No Child Left Behind education bill. With children returning to schools that face budget shortfalls, Schumer said it was vital for the President and Congress to provide the Title I funding .Read More >>

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