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Schumer Announces Peruvian Memorial For Plane Crash Victims Will Be Moved To Safe Location

Memorial For Victims Of A 1970 Plane Crash Threatened By Development Site In Peru But Land Owner Has Now Agreed To Move Memorial 150 Feet To Safety

Senator Lobbied For Action on Behalf of Family of American Exchange Student From Goshen

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that a memorial dedicated to the victims of the 1970 Lansa Flight 502 plane crash will be moved 150 ft from its current location outside of Cuzco, Peru to a safer spot where it will not be disturbed by housing development projects. In June, Schumer wrote to the Department of State urging them to work with Peruvian municipal officials to protect the memorial.

“The agreement to move the monument away from development will give many American families peace of mind,” said Schumer. “They will no longer have to worry about vandals or other disturbances to the final resting place of their loved ones.”

The Lansa Flight 502 memorial is located in San Jeronimo Mountain, outside of Cuzco, Peru, where the flight crashed there on August 9, 1970. There were 99 people that perished in the crash, including 49 American exchange students, one of which whom was from Goshen, NY. The monument, which was erected in 1971, is located on private property. This property is now being threatened to be overrun with new housing development.

On June 16, Schumer wrote a personal letter to Joaquin Monserrate, the Peru Desk Officer for the Department of State, urging him to work with local official to find a permanent location for the memorial. On June 25, the U.S. Consulate General in Peru met with the Peruvian land owner who owns the property where the monument is currently located. Understanding the importance of this memorial to both Peru and the United States, the owner agreed to move the monument—a large white cross and nameplate—150 feet away from the encroaching development. In his personal letter on June 16, Schumer wrote, “It is my hope that through the municipal offices that oversee building and construction, the Department of State could obtain information and cooperation in protecting this moving memorial to the lives of the young exchange students and others who perished on the flight.”


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