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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2009


JFK Awarded $2.4 Million For Security Enhancements That Will Increase Safety For Travelers

$15.4 Million Awarded to JFK For Various Taxiway Improvements-Will Greatly Reduce Airport Delays and Make Traveling Through JFK Much Easier

Schumer: Flight Delays Cost New Yorkers Time and Whole Lot of Money

Today, United States Senator Charles E. Schumer announced that John F. Kennedy International Airport has been awarded nearly $18 million dollars by the FAA under the U.S. Department of Transportation for security enhancements and taxiway rehabilitation, improvements, and extensions. The first grant awarded is worth $2,430,000 and will be used to improve security at JFK in accordance with TSA. The funds will improve security around the airport, including the establishment of secured areas and security identification display areas. The other three grants, totaling $15,446,764, will provide for many taxiway improvements, including taxiway extensions, pavement rehabilitation, and access improvements will in turn reduce delays at the airport which have often plagued travelers and cost New Yorkers time and huge amounts of money.
“This is great news for New Yorkers and anyone who has plans to travel through John F. Kennedy International Airport,” Schumer said. “These grants accomplish two very important things. First, the security enhancements will go a long way in ensuring travelers are safe and secure while traveling in and out of JFK. Second, the taxiway improvements will obliterate many of the frustrating delays that we have all experienced at New York City’s largest airport. These funds will greatly improve traveling for New Yorkers and travelers across the world.”
The grants, disbursed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), have been awarded to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and total $17,876,764. The first of these grants, John F Kennedy International: Security Enhancements, awards $2,430,000 to the airport. The enhancements are required by federal regulations that require airport operators to adopt and carry out a security program approved by TSA. These security requirements include establishing secured areas, air operations areas, security identification display areas, and access control systems and will boost safety for travelers coming in and out of JFK airport.
The second grant awards $11,900,000 to JFK for various construction projects. These include the construction of two taxiway extensions, taxiway access improvements, and other taxiway construction projects. The third grant, totaling $ 1,124,255, provides funding for the extension of a taxiway at the airport. The final grant awards $2,422,509 to the airport for taxiway rehabilitation to four taxiways. Currently, the pavement on these taxiways is in very poor condition and is causing airfield safety problems. These improvements are intended to generate significant delay reduction at the airport, which in recent years have plagued both JFK and travelers.
Last May, Schumer released a report detailing how the chaos in New York skies is not only driving passengers crazy but also costing them, the airlines, and the New York City economy billions. According to Schumer’s report, the record flight delays in the New York City area cost an estimated $4.9 billion in lost productivity, cancelled vacations, increased fuel costs, and other economic impacts last year alone. Schumer said total cost of domestic air traffic delays to the U.S. economy was as much as $41 billion for 2007 and also added that New Yorkers bear the brunt of these costs because we endure the worst delays in the nation and our airports are the business intersection of the country.


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