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As Film Festival Organizers Consider New Location, Schumer Highlighted that the Paramount Theatre in Middletown Would Serve as Ideal Site for Top Film Festival

Historic and Recently-Renovated Theater in Middletown Makes It Optimal Setting for Relocating Film Festival

Schumer: Stage is Set for Middletown to Host Film Festival


Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer urged the organizers of the Hoboken International Film Festival to choose the historic Paramount Theatre in Middletown as the site for the festival’s relocation this year. Schumer’s push comes after the Hoboken Film Festival’s organizer voiced interest in moving the festival to Middletown, based in part on his positive experience in filming a large portion of "Captured Hearts" at Paramount. Schumer noted that Paramount Theatre’s storied history in the filmmaking industry and recent renovations make it uniquely qualified to host the festival at the end of May. Schumer also vowed to work to provide support necessary in making this move to New York a reality.


“The stage is set for Orange County to host the Hoboken International Film Festival this year, and I am urging the festival’s organizers to choose Middletown’s historic and recently-renovated Paramount Theatre as their new home,” said Schumer. “Not only will Middletown be a prime location for the thousands of festival-goers expected to attend this year, due to the theatre’s 80 years of history as a beacon of the arts, but recent renovations make the Paramount Theatre a state-of-the-art choice for the festival’s relocation. I will work with local stakeholders to ensure that the festival is a success for both the organizers and the local businesses in Middletown and all of Orange County, and pledge any assistance I can muster to make this a reality.”


Schumer noted that The Paramount Theatre has stood as a Hudson Valley attraction for over 82 years. The Theatre has hosted many notable events over the years and is optimally situated near Interstate I-87 and Route 17, allowing tourists from the tri-state area to easily attend the festival. Additionally, access to many treasures of the Hudson Valley including a number of the valley’s great restaurants, shops and historic sites will help to promote tourism within the region, attracting a wide variety of attendees. Local stakeholders from across the Hudson Valley have pledged to work with Schumer and the festival’s organizers to ensure the event’s success.


The Hoboken International Film Festival has been held in northern New Jersey for the eight years since its inception, but organizers are contemplating relocation for this year’s event, and have focused some interest on Middletown. In fact, the festival’s organizer recently filmed “Captured Hearts” in Middletown. The festival aims to showcase top-notch non-studio films, television pilots, and screenplays from artists worldwide. The top submissions will be rewarded with cash multiple categories at the festival, which has grown to become one of the most widely attended in the world. The 2013 Hoboken International Film Festival is being held May 31 to June 6. Hosted by Gilbert Gottfried, the festival will attract acclaimed film and television artists to Orange County. Last year, the festival received over 1,500 film submissions from all over the world, and screened just over 90 films. More than 15,000 people attended the festival in each of the past few years.


Dear Organizers of the Hoboken International Film Festival:


I write to you today to urge you to consider the Paramount Theater in Middletown as the location for the next annual Hoboken Film Festival, as you consider a new location for the event. As you know, this theater has a rich and unique history and has recently been renovated to be the destination for many upcoming events within the region. The recent renovations and location of this theater, which is settled within the heart of the Hudson Valley, would be ideal for such a wonderful festival. In addition to the unique qualities of the Paramount Theatre, the Hudson Valley region has emerged as a leader for film, TV production and post-production operations for a variety of world class projects. Most recently, Hyde Park on The Hudson, starring Bill Murray, was filmed in the Hudson Valley and proved that the region is fit to produce high caliber movies. The Hudson Valley is also a unique tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world to experience the unique cultural, recreational and historical destinations. Should you choose Middletown as the location of your next film festival, attendees would be able to enjoy everything the Hudson Valley has to offer while participating in your growing film festival.


The Paramount Theatre, opened in 1930, has been a key historic site in downtown Middletown for many years. The theater has played host to various concerts, community events, film showings and headlining acts. Middletown is city which is situated in a prime location, near Interstate I-87 and Route 17, allowing tourists from the tri-state area to easily attend the festival. Additionally, access to many treasures of the Hudson Valley including a number of the valley’s great restaurants, shops and historic sites will help to promote tourism within the region, attracting a wide variety of attendees. Officials from various economic development agencies, tourism groups and film promoters have pledged to work with you to ensure your event has everything it needs to be successful in Orange County and will partner with you to market, grow and improve upon your recent festivals.


I urge you to consider Middletown as the home of the next annual Hoboken Film Festival. The Hudson Valley has many great amenities to offer and would be a spectacular place to bring such a monumental event. I look forward to working with you to bring this wonderful film festival to Orange County and offer my assistance in making this film festival a tremendous event for residents of the Hudson Valley, attendees and all the film producers involved with the film festival.


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