• Agriculture

    Agriculture is an intrinsic part of New York’s cultural heritage and is vitally important to its economy. For generations, New York farm families have provided healthy foods to feed the state, the nation and the world.

  • Consumer Protection

    Chuck comes from the middle class and works for the middle class, and those working to get there. Their stories have inspired him to champion protection for consumers throughout his career.

  • Defense/Veterans

    As long as our brave servicemen and women are stationed across the globe, Chuck will continue to work to make sure they have the equipment and support they need to perform their missions. Equally vital is to make sure that support systems and focused services are available to them when they return.

  • Economic Development

    Chuck has made job creation and economic development in New York State a top priority throughout his career. He works side-by-side with local leaders across New York State to both retain and grow our existing companies and attract new employers to the State.

  • Education

    Chuck believes that we can’t maintain our standing as the greatest nation in the world if we don’t maintain the greatest education system in the world, and that promise of a brighter future for our students and our country depends on a dramatically improved education system, one that is accessible and affordable to all Americans.

  • Environment

    Chuck has always believed that we owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve and protect our natural resources. In New York, Chuck has been a champion for our many natural treasures from the Great Lakes to the beaches of Long Island, the Adirondacks to our urban parks, as well as our lakes and reservoirs.

  • Healthcare

    Access to high-quality, affordable health care and robust funding and support for medical research is vitally important to all New Yorkers.

  • Homeland Security

    As the September 11th attacks made clear, we must be ever-vigilant and do all we can to keep our homeland safe from those who wish to do us harm.

  • Hunting and Fishing

    New York is home to countless natural treasures so it’s no wonder that hunting and fishing are popular activities. Hundreds of thousands hunt in the Empire State each year, and generations of New Yorkers have fished our waters – from the Great Lakes to the Beaverkill to the Long Island Sound.

  • Judiciary

    As a longtime member of the Judiciary Committee, Chuck has spent his legislative career supporting local law enforcement, protecting women and families, working to keep drugs off our streets and promoting innovative drug rehabilitation programs.