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Bill #
Bill Description
Sponsored — Internet Gun Trafficking Act of 1999
Sponsored — A bill to authorize the President to award a gold medal on behalf of the Congress to Mrs. Yaffa Eliach in recognition of her outstanding and enduring contributions toward scholarship about the Holocaust, and for other purposes.
Sponsored — Credit and Consumer Protection Act of 1999
Sponsored — Make College Affordable Act of 1999
Sponsored — Airline Competition Act of 1999
Sponsored — A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide a credit for the purchase of a principle residence within an empowerment zone or enterprise community by a first-time homebuyer.
Sponsored — Environmental Crimes and Enforcement Act of 1999
Sponsored — Equity in Women’s Health Act
Sponsored — A bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to increase the amount of loan forgiveness for teachers.
Sponsored — Comprehensive Pension and Retirement Security Act of 1999
Sponsored — Save for College Act of 1999
Cosponsored — Controlled Substances Trafficking Prohibition Act
Cosponsored — Irish Peace Process Cultural and Training Program Act of 1998
Cosponsored — Certified Nurse Midwifery Medicare Services Act of 1998
Cosponsored — Library of Congress Bicentennial Commemorative Coin Act of 1998
Cosponsored — To amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to prohibit the Secretary of the Interior from charging State and local government agencies for certain uses of the sand, gravel, and shell resources of the outer Continental Shelf.
Cosponsored — Telecommunications Competition and Consumer Protection Act of 1998
Cosponsored — National Oilheat Research Alliance Act of 1998
Cosponsored — Expressing the sense of Congress that the 65th anniversary of the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 should serve as a reminder of the brutality of the government of the former Soviet Union’s repressive policies toward the Ukrainian people.