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Bill #
Bill Description
Sponsored — Concerning the possible imposition of tariffs by the United States on the importation of certain categories of motor vehicles from Japan and the potential impact on the prices of domestic goods for American consumers.
Sponsored — To amend title 18, United States Code, to ensure that the prohibitions against guns in school zones have the requisite nexus with interstate or foreign commerce.
Cosponsored — Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Implementation Act of 1995
Cosponsored — Expressing the sense of the Congress that the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, the assault weapons ban, and the restrictions on the transfer of handguns to juveniles are reasonable, important, and effective measures to reduce crimes of violence.
Cosponsored — Freedom From Toll Fraud Act
Cosponsored — Animal Experimentation Right To Know Act
Sponsored — Housing Co-op Tax Correction Act of 1995
Cosponsored — Expressing the sense of the Congress regarding certain recent remarks that unfairly and inaccurately maligned the integrity of the Nation’s law enforcement officers.
Cosponsored — America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act of 1995
Sponsored — Middle Class Savings and Capital Gains Act of 1995
Sponsored — Handgun Control and Violence Prevention Act of 1995
Sponsored — Victims of Abuse Access to Health Insurance Act
Sponsored — To prohibit arms transfers and other military assistance to certain countries unless the President certifies that a state of war does not exist between the country concerned and Israel and that such country has accorded formal recognition to the sovereignty of Israel.
Sponsored — Housing Co-op Tax Correction Act of 1995
Sponsored — Procompetitiveness and Antiboycott Act of 1995
Sponsored — Concerning the 3000th anniversary of King David’s establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish kingdom.
Sponsored — Concerning the 28th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.
Sponsored — To amend the Export Administration Act of 1979 to grant a private right of action to persons injured by reason of a violation of the anti-boycott provisions, and for other purposes.
Sponsored — Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Amendments of 1995