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Bill #
Bill Description
Sponsored — Poverty Data Correction Act
Sponsored — Cop-Killer Bullet Ban Act of 1995
Sponsored — Baseball Fans and Communities Protection Act of 1995
Sponsored — To amend title 28, United States Code, with respect to photographing, recording, and broadcasting court proceedings.
Sponsored — To award a congressional gold medal to Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
Cosponsored — Designating January 16, 1995, as “National Good Teen Day”.
Cosponsored — Jobs Through Trade Expansion Act of 1994
Cosponsored — Designating the months of March 1995 and March 1996 as “Irish-American Heritage Month”.
Cosponsored — To designate the second Sunday in October of 1994 as “National Children’s Day”.
Cosponsored — Designating the week beginning October 16, 1994, as “National Penny Charity Week”.
Cosponsored — To establish the fourth Sunday of July as “Parents’ Day”.
Cosponsored — Designating October 29, 1994, as “National Firefighters Day”.
Cosponsored — Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 1994
Cosponsored — Urging the President to promote political stability in Tajikistan through efforts to encourage political resolution of the conflict and respect for human rights and through the provision of humanitarian assistance and, subject to certain conditions, economic assistance.
Cosponsored — Concerning United States support for the new South Africa.
Cosponsored — Commending the Police Athletic League.
Cosponsored — Concerning commencement of all-party talks to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Northern Ireland.
Sponsored — Designating December 1994 as “Goods for Guns Month”.
Cosponsored — Ryan White CARE Reauthorization Act of 1994