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Bill #
Bill Description
Cosponsored — A joint resolution designating June 26 through July 2, 1988, as “National Safety Belt Use Week”.
Cosponsored — A joint resolution designating September 14, 1988, as “National Medical Research Day”.
Cosponsored — McKinney Housing and Shelter for the Homeless Reauthorization Act of 1988
Cosponsored — Postal Reorganization Act Amendments of 1988
Sponsored — Cable Rate Information Act of 1988
Sponsored — A bill to encourage economic development in Central America, and to increase the sugar import quota.
Sponsored — A bill to require commercial lessors of automobiles to provide certain information to rental customers concerning collision damage waivers offered under the lessors’ automobile rental agreements.
Sponsored — A bill to require the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to make available as a shelter for the homeless a certain portion of the principal office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Cosponsored — A joint resolution to designate October 24-30, 1988 as “Drug Free America Week”.
Cosponsored — A joint resolution to designate February 1989 as “America Loves Its Kids Month”.
Cosponsored — A bill to extend the prohibition on the voluntary termination of any thrift institution’s insured status under title IV of the National Housing Act for 1 additional year.
Cosponsored — Agricultural Commodity Embargo Limitation Act
Cosponsored — Manassas National Battlefield Park Amendments of 1988
Cosponsored — A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend the low income housing credit through 1990.
Cosponsored — Foreign Aid Insurance Act of 1988
Cosponsored — A concurrent resolution condemning the disruption of efforts to relieve the food emergency in Africa and urging negotiations to resolve the armed conflicts that are a principal cause of the food emergency.
Cosponsored — A joint resolution designating November 6 through 12, 1988, as “National Disabled Americans Week”.
Cosponsored — A concurrent resolution recognizing the heroic acts of civilian construction workers who participated in the defense of Wake Island during its invasion by Japan during December 8 through 23, 1941.
Cosponsored — A joint resolution designating February 16, 1989, as “Lithuanian Independence Day”.