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Bill #
Bill Description
Cosponsored — Affirmation of the United States Record on the Armenian Genocide Resolution
Cosponsored — A resolution commemorating the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification and the beginning of warm and abiding relations between the people of the United States and Italy.
Cosponsored — Project Rebuild Act
Sponsored — A concurrent resolution to authorize the use of the rotunda and Emancipation Hall of the Capitol by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies in connection with the proceedings and ceremonies conducted for the inauguration of the President-elect and the Vice President-elect of the United States.
Sponsored — A concurrent resolution to establish the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies for the inauguration of the President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States on January 21, 2013.
Cosponsored — A resolution calling for free and fair elections in Iran, and for other purposes.
Cosponsored — Medical Debt Responsibility Act of 2012
Cosponsored — A resolution celebrating Black History Month.
Sponsored — A resolution designating the first Tuesday in March as “National Public Higher Education Day”.
Cosponsored — Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act
Cosponsored — A bill to amend title V of the Social Security Act to extend funding for family-to-family health information centers to help families of children with disabilities or special health care needs make informed choices about health care for their children.
Cosponsored — State Witness Protection Act of 2012
Cosponsored — A resolution to express the sense of the Senate regarding the importance of preventing the Government of Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability.
Cosponsored — A resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the historic achievement of John Herschel Glenn, Jr., in becoming the first United States astronaut to orbit the Earth.
Cosponsored — A resolution supporting the mission and goals of 2012 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week to increase public awareness of the rights, needs, and concerns of victims and survivors of crime in the United States.
Cosponsored — A bill to amend the Federal Deposit Insurance Act with respect to information provided to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.
Cosponsored — United States Steel and Security Act of 2012
Cosponsored — Elder Protection and Abuse Prevention Act
Sponsored — A resolution congratulating the New York Giants for winning Super Bowl XLVI.