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Bill #
Bill Description
Sponsored — A bill to provide that no Federal funds may be expended for the payment or reimbursement of a drug that is prescribed to a sex offender for the treatment of sexual or erectile dysfunction.
Sponsored — A bill to amend the Exchange Rates and International Economic Policy Coordination Act of 1988 to clarify the definition of manipulation with respect to currency, and for other purposes.
Sponsored — A bill to require the payment of interest on amounts owed by the United states pursuant to the reliquidation of certain entries under the Tariff Suspension and Trade Act of 2000 and the Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Act of 2004.
Sponsored — Commuter Benefits Equity Act of 2005
Sponsored — Comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention Act
Sponsored — Make College Affordable Act of 2005
Sponsored — SERVE Act of 2005
Sponsored — Montserrat Immigration Fairness Act
Sponsored — A bill to authorize appropriate action if the negotiations with the People’s Republic of China regarding China’s undervalued currency are not successful.
Sponsored — Railroad Crossing and Hazardous Materials Transport Safety Act of 2005
Sponsored — A bill for the relief of Alemseghed Mussie Tesfamical.
Sponsored — A concurrent resolution expressing the sense of the Congress with respect to the murder of Emmett Till.
Cosponsored — A bill to extend the authority of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa to hold court in Rock Island, Illinois.
Cosponsored — Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement (CREATE) Act of 2004
Cosponsored — A bill to improve access to physicians in medically underserved areas.
Sponsored — A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1475 Western Avenue, Suite 45, in Albany, New York, as the “Lieutenant John F. Finn Post Office”.
Sponsored — A concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress with respect to the murder of Emmett Till.
Sponsored — Firefighters Special Operation Task Force Act
Cosponsored — A concurrent resolution recognizing and honoring the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton on the bicentennial of his death because of his standing as one of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States.