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Earlier This Week, Schumer, In A Direct Call & Personal Letter, Pitched To MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred That Buffalo Was ‘The Natural’ Place For Blue Jay’s To Play 2020 Season 

Schumer: Batter Up, Blue Jays - Buffalo Is A Homerun! 

A longtime fan of baseball and supporter of baseball teams in New York, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced today that following his direct call and personal letter to Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred earlier this week, the Toronto Blue Jays will play their 2020 season in Buffalo, New York. Schumer explained that Buffalo is the perfect location to host the Blue Jays because of the proximity to Toronto, the major league quality of the playing surface at Sahlen Field, the capability of the City of Buffalo to safely host a major league team for the duration of the season, and the community’s enthusiasm for baseball.

“As I’ve said all along, Buffalo is a home run for the Blue Jays 2020 MLB season. When I spoke with Commissioner Manfred earlier this week, I highlighted Sahlen Field’s top-notch facilities, its proximity to Toronto, and of course, Western New York’s world-class fan base. I have every confidence Major League Baseball can return to Western New York for the first time since the 19th century,” said Senator Schumer.

Schumer said on the call with Manfred that Sahlen Field is currently not hosting any other teams, and having a dedicated facility for the Blue Jays will help with scheduling concerns with host teams. The senator also addressed previous logistical and infrastructural concerns, stating that because of the short duration of the season, the City of Buffalo and Rich Baseball Operations would be able to make necessary adjustments to help the team have a successful season in Buffalo.

Schumer also noted that the Blue Jay’s season in Buffalo would be beneficial to Western New York, bringing back many of lost jobs and helping to revitalize the local economy.

Senator Schumer’s letter to Commissioner Manfred appears below:

Dear Commissioner Manfred,

I write to urge Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Toronto Blue Jays to choose the City of Buffalo and Sahlen Field to play their home games for this abbreviated, but eagerly anticipated, 2020 season. Since it is Opening Day, there is little time for continued deliberation – now is the time to act – and Buffalo is ready to roll out the red carpet and welcome Major League Baseball to Sahlen Field and Western New York.

The partnership between Rich Baseball Enterprises, the Buffalo Bisons, and the Toronto Blue Jays has been strong since their affiliation began in 2013. The geographic proximity to Toronto and the access of Blue Jays fans to their AAA farm team has been beneficial to both cities. Buffalo has a sterling baseball pedigree, but hasn’t hosted Major League Baseball since 1890. It is time to rectify that lost opportunity.

The current ballpark was the precursor to everything from Camden Yards to Progressive Field. Designed with the intention of luring a Major League franchise, Sahlen Field is among the top flight of minor league venues. Having already played host to many of the players currently on Major League rosters, I have no doubt that any logistical concerns could be overcome in time for games to be played. Moreover, as a city, Buffalo has the capacity to host the Blue Jays operation during the duration of the season, and indeed would welcome them with the city’s extraordinary community spirit.

The cancellation of the International League schedule has resulted not only in an empty ballpark, but the loss of dozens of jobs and the postponement of summer baseball at Sahlen Field. The Western New York community is ready to live up to its reputation as the “City of Good Neighbors” and welcome Major League Baseball back to Buffalo with open arms.

Again, I strongly urge MLB and the Blue Jays to choose Buffalo as your home for the 2020 season. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance on this matter or if you have any questions.