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Amphenol is Critical to the Southern Tier Economy and to the Nation’s Defense; Schumer Lobbied Top Brass To Immediately Intervene And Work Directly With Company 

Schumer Sliced Through Red Tape That Was Choking Off Amphenol Jobs

During a visit to Sidney, NY, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today joined Amphenol Corporation CEO Adam Norwitt to announce that Amphenol employees have returned to work now that the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) “stop ship” order has officially been lifted. Schumer explained that, as a result of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) stop shipment orders in March, the company was forced to lay off nearly 100 employees. Schumer said these layoffs were simply unacceptable and went to bat for the company to help solve the dispute and protect the jobs. During the months that immediately followed the stop ship order, Schumer worked tirelessly with both Amphenol and the DOD to come to an agreement that would both bring the company’s shipments into compliance with DOD rules as well as cut through the DOD’s red tape so Amphenol could bring back its local workforce and support its military customers as soon as possible.

“After months of cutting through red tape, I’m thrilled to announce that Amphenol’s shipments have begun flowing once again and local workers have been called back to the job, where they belong. It was unacceptable that Amphenol was forced to lay off valuable employees because of inflexibility and bureaucratic morass. That’s why I immediately intervened with DOD top brass on behalf of the company and its workers – so the feds and Amphenol could address the supply and testing issues so we could get these local residents back to work ASAP. Today, we can breathe a sigh of relief, but I vow to never stop fighting for our top employers and their local workforces,” said Senator Schumer.

Amphenol Aerospace, a Division of Amphenol Corporation, is located in Delaware County and is the leading supplier of electronic connector products for the United States Military. The company produces critical components for the military, commercial aerospace and industrial markets. In particular, Amphenol’s products are incorporated into nearly every type of military equipment used by the Armed Services, including all fighter jets, other fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, missile and missile defense, radar, communications and land vehicles.

Amphenol is the largest employer in Delaware County and the surrounding region, employing over 1,000 manufacturing and related jobs. However, back in March, a stop ship order from DLA halted a significant portion of Amphenol’s business and resulted in a number of unprecedented adverse impacts on the company. Schumer explained that the DOD requires components used in military vehicles and equipment to be made in approved locations. However its rules regarding non-critical piece parts were unclear and not uniformly enforced. As a result, after Amphenol presented a comprehensive report to DLA on its sourcing practices, DLA issued an order requiring Amphenol to immediately suspend shipment of a number of different military specification components. The reasons cited for the stop shipment order were not due to any quality issues or concerns, but rather focused on Amphenol’s use of part components produced in non-approved locations as well as previously tolerated delays in certain periodic testing.

In the months following this order, Schumer said that Amphenol not only had to lay off employees, but risked losing valuable business relationships while the DOD continued to delay the process that would allow Amphenol to once again become compliant. As a result, Schumer fought hard to make sure Amphenol was allowed to complete its testing of all products to ensure compliance in an expeditious manner through the DOD, as the federal process can take years to navigate and would have had severe negative impacts on the company.

Schumer pushed to ensure the DOD worked hand-in-glove with Amphenol CEO Adam Norwitt and the Amphenol Aerospace team to resolve this situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result of Schumer’s intervention and advocacy on this issue, the process was completed in 4-5 months and the company has now had the order officially lifted. Schumer said Amphenol has now been able to bring back the nearly 100 employees it was forced to furlough back as a result of the order. Schumer said Amphenol is critical to the Southern Tier economy and to the nation’s defense, and this announcement is a major victory for area jobs.

Schumer was joined by CEO Adam Norwitt, Sidney facility executives, employees and local leaders, including Sidney Town Supervisor Eugene Pigford, Village of Sidney Mayor Andy Matviak, and Delaware County Economic Development Director Glenn Nealis.

“Amphenol is a critical component of our efforts to grow the manufacturing economy in Upstate New York while providing our Armed Forces with the most sophisticated, cutting-edge equipment available,” said Congressman Gibson. “I deeply appreciate the dedicated, innovative workforce at this site, and I have been proud to advocate on their behalf as a Member of the House Armed Services Committee. Today’s announcement is good news for our region and our nation, signaling the extreme importance of this industry and the potential for new investments in the Sidney area."

R. Adam Norwitt, Chief Executive Officer of Amphenol Corporation, said “We at Amphenol are truly grateful for the ongoing support of Senator Schumer, as well as the support of all of our federal, state and local officials.  Whether managing through the aftermath of two catastrophic floods in 2006 and 2011, or navigating the difficult bureaucracy of the Defense Department in resolving this stop shipment order, Senator Schumer has always fought hard on behalf of Amphenol Aerospace and its employees in the State of New York.  We are proud to be the largest employer in Delaware County and a critical supplier of high technology components in support of our nation’s defense, and we look forward to further investing in our operations here for years to come.”

Ryan Fisher, General Manager, Amphenol Aerospace, said “Despite being challenged with a difficult and unforeseen disruption, the employees here at Amphenol Aerospace have once again shown their resilience. The continued support that Senator Schumer has provided has been immensely important, and we are lucky to have such an advocate behind us.”