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The National Science Foundation Just Launched A National AI Research Resource (NAIRR) Pilot To Shape America’s AI Innovation Ecosystem, And Schumer Says Upstate New York Is Primed To Lead The Way For AI In The USA

Senator Says Upstate New York Is Already A Burgeoning Home To AI Innovation – From UB’s NSF AI Institute And Other Leading Research Universities Across NYS That Are Part Of The Recently Announced Empire AI Consortium, To Recent Tech Hub Designation For Semiconductors, Which Are The Foundation Of AI Technology

Schumer To Biden Admin: The Future Of AI Is Being Built In Buffalo And Upstate NY!  

As the federal government looks to stand up the first-of-its-kind new National AI Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot program, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today invited the Biden administration to see firsthand how Upstate New York, and cities like Buffalo, are already leading the country in artificial intelligence innovation and are primed for further federal investment and other resources to help supercharge growth in this cutting-edge industry.

Schumer said with New York State already taking the initiative to establish the University at Buffalo-based Empire AI consortium, partnering with the feds is a natural fit. UB and the broader Empire AI consortium will collaborate with industry to provide free access to key technology and support like advanced computing, datasets, and powerful AI models to support AI research, training, and entrepreneurship.

“The future of AI is already being developed and built in Upstate New York. As the federal government looks to stand up its first-of-its-kind new AI research program, I want key federal science, technology and economic development officials to see firsthand how the region is primed to ensure America is ahead of the curve on AI development,” said Senator Schumer. “By hearing directly from some of the top scientific minds about their cutting-edge research and innovation on AI, which is already spurring development and creating new jobs in a field of the future right here in New York, the Biden administration will see that Upstate New York has cemented its position as a leader on AI.”

Upstate New York, and cities like Buffalo, are leading the nation on AI innovation and can take us to the next frontier of this technology. The algorithm that has put Upstate New York on the top of the list for AI is clear: world-renowned AI research centers, a federal Tech Hubs designation I worked hard to secure, the onshoring of semiconductor manufacturing, and millions in federal funding from my Chips & Science Act that Upstate New York is benefitting from. This exciting National AI Research pilot program represents a unique opportunity to ensure the technology that is going to revolutionize our world is built in America, and nowhere is more prepared to further that mission than New York,” Senator Schumer added.

“On behalf of our entire University at Buffalo scholarly community, we would be honored to welcome the Biden administration to campus to see how we are harnessing our multidisciplinary AI expertise in service of societal good,” said University at Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi. “Senator Schumer has been instrumental in supporting federally funded research, including transformative research in artificial intelligence. UB’s longstanding leadership in this domain culminated in Governor Hochul naming our flagship institution the home of Empire AI. Indeed, UB has been at the forefront of responsible AI research and application for nearly 50 years, and our depth of expertise positions us to lead the AI movement well into the future.”

Last month, the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and collaborating agencies launched the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot, a first step towards realizing the vision for a shared research infrastructure that will strengthen and democratize access to critical resources necessary to power responsible AI discovery and innovation.? The NAIRR pilot, working in collaboration with industry leaders, will provide access to advanced computing, datasets, models, software, training and user support to U.S.-based researchers and educators.  

Schumer said Upstate New York would be the perfect partner for the Biden administration’s NAIRR pilot program, with the region leading the way on tech and AI. Buffalo is an integral part to the booming tech ecosystem in Upstate New York, with a burgeoning AI sector that is at the forefront of their field. Schumer explained that with $20 million in NSF funding secured last year, UB established the National Artificial Intelligence Research Institute for Exceptional Education to conduct cutting-edge AI research, securing themselves a leading role in developing the technologies of the future. The NSF award recognized UB’s well-established work in AI research, including the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and the Center for Information Integrity.

In addition, the senator said Upstate New York is not only advancing AI research and development, but manufacturing the chips that run AI, bringing jobs back from overseas, creating good-paying jobs for New Yorkers, and boosting the state’s economy. As part of the prestigious Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse region Federal Tech Hub – which Schumer secured after years of relentless advocacy and created in his Chips & Science Act – the three-region consortium’s  “NY SMART I-Corridor Tech Hub” is bringing together the combined assets of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse to build on the historic investments Schumer delivered spur semiconductor manufacturing and innovation. Notably, the memory chips which Micron will be making in Syracuse are especially critical to AI development.

Over the last few months, Schumer has convened a series of bipartisan AI Insight Forums to bring together leaders from across sectors—industry, academia, labor, civil society—to assess the opportunities and risks that AI poses.  Schumer is actively working with bipartisan partners to now develop and advance legislation to act on the findings from those Forums, including investing in innovation and a permanent NAIRR, which will help ensure the U.S. and New York stay at the forefront of this key technology.

A copy of Schumer’s letter inviting Biden administration officials can be found here: