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Yesterday, Schumer Announced That After A Long Search, UPS Found and Delivered Starpoint High’s Lost AP Exams, Which Will Be Scored; Students Can Now Receive College Credits & Boost College Admissions Applications

Since The Tests Were Lost, Schumer Has Been Working With UPS To Find The Tests AND Get Compensation For The Impacted Students; UPS Has Apologized and Committed $440 In Reimbursements and Scholarships For All 106 Starpoint Students 

Schumer: A+ All Around – Tests Were Found And UPS Does Right By Students

Following the good news yesterday that UPS found the 106 missing Advanced Placement exams from Starpoint High School in Lockport, NY, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today announced that following his outreach since the tests went missing, UPS has agreed to pay each Starpoint student $440. UPS plans to reimburse each student $95 for the cost of their original exam, $95 for a potential re-test, and an provide an additional $250 scholarship. In Schumer’s original letter to UPS, Schumer asked for them to find the tests or compensate the students. Immediately upon learning the tests were missing, UPS stepped up, conducted a thorough investigation to locate the package, and promised to do right by the students. Even now that the tests have been delivered, UPS remains committed to providing reimbursement fees as well as scholarships. 

“After I received the fantastic news yesterday that UPS had located all of the Starpoint students’ AP exams, I followed up on my original call for compensation to see what more could be done for the lost time spent studying for re-tests, the stress of this ordeal, and the toll that this took on the summer that the students earned,” said Senator Schumer. “I’m excited to announce that UPS saw the struggles faced by the students and has agreed to do right by them, giving each $440 – including a $250 scholarship – for their troubles. So, in addition to getting their scores and the potential college credit they worked hard for, students will be compensated fairly.”

Schumer also thanked the administrators at the Starpoint Central School District, who will be in charge of disbursing the funds to the impacted students, and College Board.

“This was a true team effort,” Schumer added. “UPS, The College Board, and the administrators at Starpoint High School were committed to doing right by these students and I want to thank them for their dedication.”

The Advanced Placement Program gives students the opportunity to take challenging college-level courses while still in high school. Earlier this spring and summer, millions of students from all backgrounds in New York State and across the U.S. sat for AP Exams. A 3 or higher on an AP Exam has multiple benefits for students, including earning college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on AP Exams, saving them time and money. New research shows that students who take and complete an AP class and exam, regardless of their scores, are better positioned to enroll and remain in college, do well in classes, and earn their degrees on time.

After receiving a letter from Starpoint High School students, Schumer called directly on UPS CEO, Carol B. Tomé, last month to use all available resources. The senator also hosted a video call last month with students to assure them of his efforts to help locate their tests.

Senator Schumer’s original letter to UPS CEO Tomé appears below:

Dear Ms. Tomé,

I write to bring further attention to a troubling case of missing United Parcel Service (UPS) mail packages, in this case missing Advanced Placement (AP) History and AP Literature exam reports, in Lockport, NY. And to urge the UPS to dedicate all time and resources needed to rectify this situation for aggrieved and understandably anxious Starpoint High School students and their parents. Testing materials being sent to the College Board for scoring, each with the potential of carrying expensive, valuable, and deserved college credits and potentially critical to the students’ college application success, have been lost somewhere at a UPS facility in New Jersey. The UPS must take immediate steps to rectify this situation.

More than 100 examinations taken by students at Starpoint High School, many graduating seniors who dutifully braved pandemic restrictions and spent an entire academic year in preparation, are, at present, nowhere to be found. It is my understanding that, following both the AP United States History and AP English Literature examinations, the proctors and school officials followed all of the instructions laid out by the College Board and sent the exams through UPS to be scored. Now, with no materials to grade, the students who spent countless hours studying for this major exam find themselves with no scores, lacking a key potential enhancement for college acceptance, and no potential for college credit.

Therefore, I am requesting that UPS take any and all measures necessary to track down these exams, which the College Board has stated will be scored upon receipt. Furthermore, if the tests are not found and the scores are not able to be allocated, UPS should reimburse each impacted student for both the testing costs and any demonstrable loss of college credits.

The time and effort required to prepare and sit for an Advanced Placement exam is substantial. Students take on considerable detailed and nuanced learning in the hopes of securing a score that will enhance their ability to achieve admissions to colleges of choice, as well as the possibility of earning college credit – and the possibility that one would work hard to prepare and then be denied a result due to a mistake like this is both unjust and painful. To punish good students because of logistical error at UPS would be unfair and it is my hope that focused work by UPS can rectify the situation. Please let me know how UPS is working with students, their parents and guardians and the school to address this situation. I look forward to your reply.