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Fresh Off Securing $1 Million In Funding For New Transit Hub In Downtown Poughkeepsie, Schumer Joins Mayor Cozean For Economic Development Tour To See Successful Revitilization Efforts

Schumer's Recently Secured Funding will Construct a New Transportation Hub that will Better Accommodate Passengers, Ease Crippling Bus Traffic During Rush Hour, Improve Shuttle Service to Nearby Metro-North and Amtrak Stations, and Contribute to City's Revitalization Efforts

Schumer, Joined by Mayor Nancy Cozean, Takes Economic Development Tour of Successful Downtown Revitalization Efforts

After recently securing $1 million in federal funding for a new transportation hub in the City of Poughkeepsie, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today toured the downtown business district to see firsthand how the city plans to spend the money.   Schumer secured the funding to build a combination Public Transit Hub and Parking Deck in the central business district to serve city, county and private bus riders and provide residential parking. Schumer was joined by Mayor Nancy Cozean to tour the business district and discuss ongoing efforts to revitalize the downtown area.


"The goal of this new transit hub is to ensure that the city's remarkable revitalization isn't jeopardized by crippling traffic jams that slows residents' commutes," said Senator Schumer. "The million dollars I secured will integrate the new bus station with the city's downtown area, ensuring efficient transportation continues to fuel future economic development."


The City of Poughkeepsie plans to use the federal funds to build a combination Public Transit Hub and Parking Deck in the central business district to serve as a hub for public and private bus riders and provide resident parking. The bus systems and their riders are in dire need of a convenient and suitable location for downtown riders to wait for a bus or to transfer to another bus. The current bus location struggles to accommodate bus traffic during peak times, forcing riders to wait at the curb or in a limited number of bus shelters. 


The new Hub will serve two purposes by providing parking to residents and visitors and by serving as a transportation hub for bus riders on city, county, and intercity privately operated bus services.  Within the new facility, the ground floor of the facility will house the transit hub with covered spaces for passengers and buses to enter, wait, and exit. The upper floors will be reserved for public parking spaces.   While bus service will be maintained at its current location, the transfer point for all buses will be located at the Transit Hub. Buses from the City Bus system, the Dutchess County Loop bus system, and regional intercity bus services will use the facility. Shuttle bus service from the Transit Hub to the MetroNorth and Amtrak Station may be an option as the City redevelops.


Schumer today toured the downtown business district with Mayor Cozean to see firsthand the recent economic development experienced by the city.  


Schumer also announced that $175,000 has been awarded to the City of Poughkeepsie for crime prevention and policing initiatives. The City of Poughkeepsie will use federal dollars to enhance residents' involvement with community policing activities, minimizing environmental conditions conducive to crime, and reducing incidents of residential code violations. Prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts will establish an array of programs to deter youth from participating in criminal activities and increase residents' awareness of local resources and services.


The new transit hub and parking lot will support the City's plan to revitalize and redevelop the Luckey, Platt Building, the centerpiece of Main Street redevelopment efforts and a National Historic Landmark. The 150,000 squarefoot building is currently being redeveloped by private owners as a mixed retailmarket rate residential project.


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