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Princeton Students Culminate Frist Filibuster With Speeches From Senators Jon Corzine And Chuck Schumer

WASHINGTON, DC After more than 385 hours, Princeton University students culminated their mock filibuster of Bill Frist with speeches from Senators Jon Corzine and Chuck Schumer today. Students began their protests at Princeton University on April 26th and arrived at the Capitol at 9:00 am on Wednesday where they were joined by students from Georgetown, Howard, George Mason, and Trinity.

In standing up for the filibuster, these students stand with precedent and they stand with history, Corzine said. The filibuster protects the rights of every American and is an important part of our check and balances. I applaud their energy and civic mindedness and Im glad to have a chance to speak with them.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said, "This campaign to protect checks and balances is a truly grassroots effort. The American people including college kids from around the country are keenly aware that extremists who are way out of the mainstream are in control of the Republican Party right now. We hope that a few more brave Senators from the other side of the aisle will stand with us to block this historic mistake from becoming a reality."

Since arriving in Washington, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Congressman Rush Holt, and Constitutional scholars Peter Rubin, Bob Weinberg, and Michael Seidman have also joined the students.