Schumer Announces Federal Dollars Coming To Village Of Hudson Falls

Federal Funds Will Be Used To Improve Infrastructure, Replace 50-Year-Old Water Main

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that a loan of $1,605,000 has been awarded to the Village of Hudson Falls in Washington County. The funds are being awarded through the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Rural Development program as a Water and Waste Disposal Loan. Federal funds will be used to replace the water line serving the Village.  


"This is great news for the Village of Hudson Falls," Schumer said. "The water system is critical to the livelihood of the community and the health of local residents.   Clean drinking water is a basic need and this funding will help the community meet that need, improving the quality of life for everyone in the area."

The Village of Hudson Falls will use federal funds to rehabilitate and upgrade the present infrastructure through the construction of a replacement for the existing water main, which was installed more than 50 years ago.   In addition to typical wear and tear, there is potential for major damage to the old line as the road above the old line will be undergoing major reconstruction by the Department of Transportation.   The federal loan will enable the laying of 10,625 linear feet of DIP main line, as well as the construction of new hydrants, valves, tees, and service connections to properties along the route. The project will serve almost 7,000 residents.


The USDA Rural Development Water and Waste Disposal Grant and Loan program provides funds to reduce water and waste disposal costs to a reasonable level for rural users. The grant program also sends funds to help develop water and waste disposal systems in rural areas and towns.   Grants can be used to construct, repair, modify, expand, and improve water supply and distribution systems; acquire needed land and water sources; and pay for legal and engineering fees when necessary to build facilities.

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