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Schumer Announces Over $350,000 Coming To The Research Foundation/SUNY-Buffalo

Federal Dollars Will Be Used To Develop New Forensic Methods

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that $350,172 has been awarded to The Research Foundation/SUNYBuffalo by the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) National Institute of Justice (NIJ) under the Impression Evidence Solicitation Program.  The federal funds will be used to develop new forensic computational models.


"This is great news for Buffalo," said Schumer.  "These funds will help develop cuttingedge forensic technology that will place our law enforcement agencies at the forefront of crime prevention. I will keep fighting for funds to help research these important advances that will continue to keep our families safe."


SUNYBuffalo will use these funds to research and develop new computational methods to assist forensic footwear examiners. The research involves developing a database of representative footwear print images so that appropriate algorithms can be developed and associated error rates can be determine.


The NIJ's Impression Evidence Solicitation Program funds proposals for research and development to enhance crime laboratories' ability to identify, characterize, capture, visualize and preserve impression evidence. Impression evidence primarily includes, but is not limited to, firearm and tool marks, footwear impressions, tire impressions, bite marks and friction ridge.