Schumer, Clinton Announce Senate Passage Of $2.5 Million For Niagara Falls International Airport

Federal Funding Will Be Used To Construct A New Terminal ApronBill Will Now be Sent to Conference

U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that the full Senate has passed the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (TTHUD) FY08 Appropriations Bill, which includes $2.5 million for Niagara Falls International Airport to construct a new terminal apron and to make road improvements.  The bill will now proceed to conference as the next step in the appropriations process. 


"This is great news for Niagara-we've cleared another hurdle in the appropriations process. These funds will enable the airport to take a giant step forward to becoming a prime international cargo shipping hub," Schumer said.  "The improvements will expand capacity and ensure that the airport is able to grow cargo operations and accommodate a wide variety of planes.  With this funding, Niagara International is poised to make the most of its strategic location as an international and intermodal trade center.  I will continue fighting to secure these crucial funds to make the airport a worldclass, jobproducing, cargo hub."


"The Senate's passage of this bill is another important step in securing funds for Niagara Falls International Airport," Senator Clinton said. "Enhanced cargo operations are a crucial improvement not only for the airport but for the entire community. Increased cargo operations promise economic growth and the potential for additional revenue from addon services like warehousing, manufacturing and more. These funds are critical to Niagara and we will fight to ensure that they remain in place as this bill goes to conference."


Federal funds will be used at the Niagara Falls International Airport to build a new terminal apron and for road improvements.  The new apron will be large enough for two B747 aircrafts to park alongside the cargo facilities and simultaneously operate.  Adding 53,850 square feet of asphalt pavement, and 29,500 square feet of concrete in phase 1B will alleviate any operating constraints related to simultaneous operations of multiple aircraft. Filling in the 162,000 square feet of pavement from Phase 1A, will prevent the cargo operators from having to tug the planes to the cargo hanger in order to comply with FAA clearance and operating regulations.  This construction will meet the needs of planned cargo operations, accommodate the various types of aircraft that would use the facility, and be a significant step in integrating the airport into the economic development infrastructure of the greater Niagara area.


Located five miles from the Canadian boarder with the fourth largest runway in New York State a 10,825 ft. takeoff length NFIA serves a niche market.  With the ability to accommodate any type of aircraft currently flying, NFIA is poised to capitalize on its geographic location and serve cargo carriers from various markets. However, NFIA currently does not have adequate apron outside of the object free zone by the cargo hangers to accommodate the large aircraft for loading and unloading activities.


The NFTA seeks to complete Phase 1B of the Cargo Apron at the Niagara Falls International Airport (NFIA).  The NFTA Board of Commissioners in 2006 authorized the execution of a Development and Ground Lease Agreement with Niagara Cargo Port LLC (NCP) a consortium of three cargo businesses to develop a cargo handling facility at the NFIA.  In order to accommodate this new activity, infrastructure improvements need to be made to the cargo apron by the cargo hanger.


Now that the bill has been approved by the House and Senate individually, it will move towards conference with the House and then to the President for signature.

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