Schumer: Effort To Re-Name Post Office In Barber Conable's Honor Passes Senate Unanimously

Schumer and Rep. Tom Reynolds introduced legislation earlier this year to honor the legendary career of Rep. Barber Conable, who died last November Measure already passed the House in February; Now goes to President's desk for final signature

US Senator Charles E. Schumer announced today that his effort with Rep. Tom Reynolds to rename the US Post Office in Batavia after late Congressman Barber Conable passed the Senate unanimously late last night. Reynolds's bill to rename the post office previously passed the House in February, paving the way for the President to sign the bill into law.

"Barber Conable had a legendary career in Congress," Schumer said. "It's only fitting that there be a building on West Main Street named in his honor so that current and future generations can remember him and all that he stood for and achieved."

"Barber Conable was one of those individuals who showed our community, indeed, the world, what a noble calling public service can be," said Reynolds. "He was a personal mentor to me, and I know that the memories of his warmth and generosity will live on in those who had the pleasure of knowing him. This is a fitting and welldeserved memorial to Barber's great legacy."

Conable, a native of Warsaw who also once lived in Alexander, died in November at the age of 81. A Republican, Conable was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 19651985, serving on the Ways and Means Committee for 18 years, and eight as its ranking minority member. Additionally, he served in the House Republican leadership for 14 years and was also a member for short periods of time of the Joint Economic Committee, the House Budget Committee, and the House Ethics Committee. In addition to spending two decades in Congress, he was a president of the World Bank and a trusted advisor to presidents and world leaders.

Earlier this year, Schumer and Reynolds introduced a measure to designate the post office at 2 West Main Street the Barber B. Conable Post Office Building. Before passing the Senate unanimously today, the measure passed the House of Representatives on February 25 and now goes to the President for his signature.

Schumer and Reynolds said today that they will hold a major celebration in Batavia to officially rename the new post office in Rep. Conable's honor sometime later this year.

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