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Legislation is Named for Taylor Force, An American Student Who Was Tragically Killed By a Palestinian Terrorist in Israel Last Year; Schumer Met With Parents of Taylor Force Earlier This Year on Capitol Hill; Relatives of the Terrorist Who Killed Taylor Force—And Other Terrorists Who Have Committed Heinous Acts--Are Being Paid a Monthly Stipend From the ‘Palestinian Authority Martyr’s Fund’ 

After Schumer’s Push, Taylor Force Act Was Included in the Just-Unveiled Appropriations Bill; Legislation Aims to Stop Palestinian Authority’s Policy of Rewarding Terrorists & Their Families By Restricting U.S. Funds That Benefit the PA, Unless They Cease This Noxious Practice 

Schumer: Palestinian Authority’s Practice of Providing Payments to Terrorists is Abhorrent, Perpetuates the Cycle of Violence & Undercuts the Drive to Peace; Passage of This Legislation Sends A Clear Message That The PA Must End This Disturbing Practice

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that the omnibus spending bill includes the Taylor Force Act, which he co-sponsored. The legislation is named for an American graduate student who was tragically killed in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. Schumer met with the parents of Taylor Force earlier this year on Capitol Hill. The legislation restricts U.S. funds to the West Bank and Gaza that directly benefit the Palestinian Authority until the Secretary of State can certify that the Palestinian Authority has terminated payments to individuals, or family members of individuals, who have conducted and been tried and imprisoned for acts of terrorism. Currently, the Palestinian Authority provides stipends to terrorists and their families. Schumer says this legislation makes clear to the PA that they must end this disturbing practice.

“As a strong supporter of the Taylor Force Act, I am pleased that Congress has included this bill in the omnibus spending bill. Despite tragic circumstances, the Force family, who I met with on Capitol Hill earlier this year, has fought incredibly hard to help put a stop to the Palestinian Authority’s policy of rewarding terrorists and their families.  Passage of the Taylor Force Act will serve as a shot across the bow to President Abbas, as he must be held accountable for the Palestinian Authority’s record of incitement and subsidizing of terror. It is my hope that by enacting this bill we can put an end to the Palestinian Authority’s disturbing practice all while honoring the memory and sacrifice of Taylor Force,’ said Schumer.

Taylor Force, of Texas, graduated from West Point and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. As part of his studies as a graduate student at Vanderbilt University, Force visited Israel. Force was fatally stabbed by a terrorist in Tel Aviv and others were injured. The assailant’s family has been rewarded by the Palestinian Authority for his terrorist act and is being paid a monthly stipend under the Palestinian Authority Martyr’s Fund.  

While the United States does not provide direct budgetary support to the Palestinian Authority, it does pay certain debts and funds programs which the Palestinian Authority would otherwise be responsible for.

The Taylor Force Act will restrict U.S. funds to the West Bank and Gaza that directly benefit the Palestinian Authority until the Secretary of State can certify that the Palestinian Authority terminates payments to individuals or family members of individuals who have been tried and imprisoned for acts of terrorism, and revokes any law, decree, regulation, or document authorizing or implementing the payment system for terrorists, and is taking credible steps to end acts of violence against Israeli citizens and United States citizens perpetrated by citizens under its jurisdictional control.