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USDA Funding Will Be Used To Modernize Equipment In Seven Rural Counties Across Upstate 

Towns of Catlin, Springville, Burke, Constable, Waddington, and Villages of Camillus, Huevelton will Each Receive Tens Of Thousands of Dollars to Improve Their Communities 

Senators: USDA Funding Will Deliver Critical Equipment Upgrades For Upstate NY

U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand today announced $1,354,900 in federal rural development funding allocated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development as part of the Community Facilities Grants, Economic Impact Initiative Grants, and Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants programs. The federal funding will be allocated for the Town of Catlin in Chemung County, the Town of Springville in Erie County, the Towns of Burke and Constable in Franklin County, the Village of Camillus in Onondaga County, and the Town of Waddington and Village of Heuvelton in St. Lawrence County, to modernize equipment and infrastructure in order to keep Upstate New Yorkers safe.

“Modernizing equipment and infrastructure is critical for public safety, and this federal funding will allow towns and villages across Upstate New York to improve their ability to deliver state-of-the-art community services from plowing to garbage removal to pedestrian safety,” said Senator Schumer. “We must ensure that our communities have the tools they need to maintain their equipment and infrastructure, especially in rural areas that depend on community resources. I am proud to announce this federal investment and will continue fighting to ensure rural communities across Upstate New York have the resources they need to build, protect, and maintain their equipment and infrastructure.”

“This critical investment will bring much needed infrastructure development to our rural community centers,” said Senator Gillibrand. “These federal dollars will strengthen local safety and sanitation standards, increase access to quality education, and support essential services for New Yorkers across the state. I will always fight for the resources our rural communities need to thrive.”

Specifically, the funding will go towards purchasing new snow plow vehicles, purchasing new trash compactor components, and replacing fire department parking lots and sidewalks. Over 14,000 Upstate New Yorkers will benefit from the federal funding.

A breakdown of the $1.3 million and its intended uses appears below:




Intended Use

Town of Catlin

Town of Catlin

$34,000 grant; $172,000 loan

To purchase a 2021 Western Star, 10-wheel truck with a snow plow and a dump body. This purchase will replace the unreliable 2008 truck that has high mileage and high maintenance costs. This truck will provide the town with safe and properly maintained roadways.

Town of Springville

Springville Volunteer Fire Company Inc.

$30,000 grant; $24,900 grant; $215,000 loan

To replace the fire department parking lot and sidewalks

Town of Burke

Town of Burke

$50,000 grant; $152,000 loan

To purchase a new 2021 Volvo plow truck to replace the undependable 1996 Ford plow truck. The new plow truck will help maintain the town roads and highways.

Town of Constable

Town of Constable

$50,000 grant; $159,000 loan

To purchase a 2020 plow truck to replace the undependable 2002 plow truck. The new plow truck will help maintain the town roads and highways.

Town of Waddington

Town of Waddington

$32,000 grant; $185,000 loan

To purchase a 2021 highway plow truck to replace the unreliable 2001 plow truck. The new plow truck will help maintain the town roads and highways.

Village of Camillus

Village of Camillus

$30,000 grant; $132,000 loan

To purchase a 2021 cab and chassis, and a compactor unit, which will complete a new trach compactor truck unit.

Village of Huevelton

Village of Huevelton

$30,000 grant; $59,000 loan

To purchase a 2019 loader with a 6-in-1 large fork bucket and a snow pusher. The new loader will help maintain the village's streets.