In A Letter And Personal Call To Joe McEacharn, The Eastern League’s President, Schumer Says Binghamton Would Be The Perfect Host For The All-Star Game In 2019 Or 2020

Schumer: Binghamton Is Ready To Knock This One Out Of The Park

U.S Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer today launched a campaign urging Minor League Baseball (MiLB) to host an Eastern League All-Star Game in Binghamton. The game would be played at NYSEG stadium, home to the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. In a letter and personal call to Eastern League President Joe McEacharn, Schumer made the case for Binghamton, highlighting the city’s long and storied baseball history, as well as its tourist appeal. Schumer said Binghamton is the only city of the original Six Eastern League cities to still field a team, as Eastern League baseball has been played in the city since 1923. Schumer called on President McEacharn to bring the All-Star Game “home” and build upon Binghamton’s rich baseball history; which includes the likes of Mets stars David Wright and Daniel Murphy, Yankees legends Whitey Ford, Joe Pepitone, and Thurman Munson, as well as long-time player and World Series-winning manager Tony La Russa. In addition, some of baseball’s most notable Hall of Famers – Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle – all played exhibition games in Binghamton. Schumer argued that the All-Star Game would provide the Binghamton area with an economic boost and an opportunity to showcase the region to visitors.

“The Rumble Ponies' application is up to bat and I know they can hit it out of the park, which is why I am joining the team to 'bing it home,' and I am calling on Eastern Minor League President McEacharn to bring the All-Star Game to Binghamton. With Binghamton's rich history and love of baseball, getting to host the Eastern League All-Star Game would be a grand slam for the community, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and for the Eastern League,” said Senator Schumer. "Working together, we will show the league how deep the love of baseball runs in this community and how wonderful Binghamton is.”

In a personal call to league President McEacharn, Schumer highlighted that Binghamton would be an ideal location for the game, in part because Binghamton already has a top notch facility: NYSEG stadium, where the Rumble Ponies play. Its recent $5 million in upgrades will ensure fans a great experience. Additionally the team’s new ownership has hit the ground running, as they’ve been welcomed into the community, made a long term commitment to baseball in Binghamton, and have brought with them a groundswell of support for the team. Schumer believes hosting an All-Star Game would build upon this momentum.

Schumer highlighted the resurgence of the City of Binghamton itself. He noted that the downtown has seen large investments in recent years, boasting excellent restaurants, a rich art community, and hundreds of market rate and student housing units that populate Binghamton’s urban core. Additionally, for baseball fans, Binghamton is located close to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as local and regional attractions like Ross Park Zoo, Roberson Museum and Science Center, Animal Adventure Park, the Corning Museum of Glass, as well as scenic state parks and world class wineries, thereby making it the perfect location for such an important game.

A copy of Schumer’s letter to President McEacharn is included below:  

Dear President Joe McEacharn, 

I write to express my strong support for Binghamton’s bid to host an upcoming Eastern League All Star Game. Hosting the Eastern League All-Star Game in Binghamton would be a win for the community, a win for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and a win for both the Eastern League and Minor League Baseball as a whole.

Binghamton has a long and storied history with Minor League Baseball. In fact, Binghamton is the only city of the original 6 Eastern League cities that formed the league in 1923, still fielding a team. Throughout its long history with Minor League Baseball Binghamton has seen its fair share of stars, including players like David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Whitey Ford, Joe Pepitone, Thurman Munson, and Tony La Russa. In addition, some of baseball’s all-time greats – including players like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle played exhibition games in Binghamton during the cities affiliation with the New York Yankees. Binghamton is inextricably linked with baseball.

However, it’s not just Binghamton’s strong ties to baseball history that make it an ideal place to host an All Star Game. Binghamton is also a vibrant and growing destination for visitors. Attractions like the Ross Park Zoo, Animal Adventure Park, and the Roberson Museum and Science Center offer a wide variety of activities for visitors to the region. These local attractions along with regional destinations like the nearby Corning Museum of Glass, Finger Lakes Wine Region, and of course – the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown - will help ensure that families coming to town for the All Star Game can enjoy all the great things that this region has to offer.

I stand strongly behind Binghamton’s application to host an Eastern League All Star Game because not only will it give Binghamton a chance to show off all that it has to offer, but it will also bring visitors to the region that will help support local hotels, restaurants, and businesses. The Wilpon Family along with the New York Mets have been strong advocates of baseball in Binghamton, and thanks to new owner John Hughes there is really excitement around this upcoming season and the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. I think the best way that the Eastern League can build on this excitement is to select Binghamton as a host for an upcoming All Star Game.


Charles E. Schumer

United States Senator



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