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While Broad Channel Civic Association’s Application for a New Contract Postal Unit Seemed Caught in Red Tape, Schumer & Goldfeder Stepped in & Urged USPS to Expeditiously Approve Application; Broad Channel Had Been Without Access to Essential Postal Services For Nearly 3 Years

Schumer, Goldfeder Announce Broad Channel’s New Postal Unit Will Be Located at ‘All American Deli’; Lawmakers Were Successful in their Fight To Bring Postal Services Location Back to Broad Channel 

Schumer, Goldfeder: Location for New Postal Unit is Signed, Sealed & Soon To Be Delivered to Broad Channel

For the first time since Superstorm Sandy, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder today announced, after their joint push, a location in Broad Channel will once again provide postal services to the community. When Superstorm Sandy hit, a Contract Postal Unit (CPU) was located in Broad Channel’s “Baygull Store” on Cross Bay Boulevard, however, the storm destroyed the store and, with it, the postal services unit. Schumer and Goldfeder have been working on behalf of the Broad Channel Civic Association to expeditiously secure a new CPU location. In December, the lawmakers wrote to Postmaster General Patrick R. Donohoe requesting the U.S. Postal Service immediate approve an application by the Broad Channel Civic Association to open a CPU in Broad Channel. In their letter, Schumer and Goldfeder explained that the absence of the CPU in the community made it difficult for residents, especially senior citizens, to access the post office and meet their postal needs. Today, Schumer and Goldfeder announced that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has agreed to a new “CARS Performance Based CPU” location at All American Deli.

“Finally, the USPS has given its stamp of approval for a new Contract Postal Unit in Broad Channel, which means critically needed postal services will soon arrive in the community. Since Superstorm Sandy, seniors, families and other Broad Channel residents had been without access to essential postal services, making things even more difficult for this hard-hit community. While it took far too long, I am pleased that the USPS heeded our call and that the location for a new postal unit has been signed, sealed and will soon to be delivered to Broad Channel,” said Senator Schumer.

“By restoring the postal services lost after Sandy, we are taking a tremendous step forward in our Sandy recovery ahead of the 3rd anniversary of the storm. This new CPU at All American Deli will once again allow families access to the basic daily services they need without traveling or hassle. I want thank Senator Schumer for his tireless efforts on behalf of Broad Channel, and to Dan Mundy, Jr. for his persistence and tenacity that led to today's victory," said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. 

“In the last two years the Broad Channel Civic Association has been fighting to have their local post offices reopen. But due to the bureaucracy at the United States Postal Service that did not happen. Now, thankfully due to the assistance of Senator Schumer and Assemblyman Goldfeder, we have had success. This is one more important step in the rebuilding of this neighborhood and it would not have happened without the assistance and involvement of the Senator and Assemblyman,” said Dan Mundy, Jr. – President of the Broad Channel Civic Association

Contract Postal Units (CPU) are independent retailers under contract with the U.S. Postal Service that, while not considered full post offices, provide many of the same services and products. They are used by the Postal Service to give customers access to services when existing post offices are overcrowded or far from customers. For instance, a CPU may provide stamps, stamped envelopes, priority mail, certified mail, USPS tracking, and more.  

In 2012, the U.S. Congress' Government Accountability Office released a report recommending that the Postal Service increase CPUs as a way of helping the cash-strapped agency improve service as it cuts costs. Before Superstorm Sandy devastated the community in 2012, Broad Channel had a CPU located in the former Baygull Bagel Store on Cross Bay Blvd. Damage from the storm forced the store to close and the CPU was never replaced. The store has since gone out of business. Given its location as an island neighborhood in the center of Jamaica Bay, Broad Channel had its own post office available to the community during much of its recent history prior to Sandy.

According to the Broad Channel Civic Association, in early 2014, a Postal Service representative approved the civic association's application for a new CPU in the neighborhood. In response, the civic reached out to local businesses for a location and All American Channel Market Deli on Cross Bay Blvd agreed to install the CPU in its store. However, in June, the Postal Service informed them that the application had in fact been denied, citing a lack of need for postal services in Broad Channel. The agency agreed to re-review the application after Schumer and Goldfeder intervened.

Schumer and Goldfeder worked with the USPS at all levels, from the Triboro District to the USPS headquarters, to ensure the approval of a CPU in Broad Channel. Specifically, the lawmakers coordinated meetings between the USPS Triboro District and the Broad Channel community.

Below is the original letter the lawmakers wrote to Postmaster Donoahoe:

Dear Postmaster General Donahoe,

We are writing on behalf of the Broad Channel Civic Association to request the immediate replacement of a Contract Postal Unit (CPU) in Broad Channel, Queens that was destroyed in 2012 during Superstorm Sandy.

As the Civic Association has explained, they filed a CPU application on behalf of the community in early 2014 to replace the Superstorm Sandy-destroyed CPU previously located in the Baygull Store at1632 Cross Bay BlvdAs the civic has conveyed to us, they have selected the All American Channel Market, located at 925 Cross Bay Boulevard in Broad Channel, Queens as a replacement location. According to the Civic, the market was chosen for its central location in the community and popularity among local residents.  

As you may know, Broad Channel is an island community of New York City located in the heart of Jamaica Bay. Broad Channel is unique among New York City neighborhoods for its small town character and relative geographic isolation from the rest of the city. The absence of available postal services in Broad Channel has made it difficult for residents, especially senior citizens, to access the post office and meet their needs. By approving this pending CPU application and resuming service in the neighborhood, the U.S. Postal Service would help to add a sense of normalcy to a community still struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy. 

We respectfully request that you direct the appropriate personnel to investigate this situation and work with the Broad Channel Civic Association to successfully and expeditiously locate an appropriate location for, and establish, a Contract Postal Unit in the neighborhood. Please inform us of any corrective actions which may be taken. 

Thank you for your time in reviewing and responding to this request.


Charles E. Schumer

U.S. Senator for New York

Phillip Goldfeder

Member of New York State Assembly

23rd District, Queens