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brbrEarlier this Month, Schumer, Grimm Stood with Local Boaters and Called for National Park Service to Commit to Maintaining Marina at Great Kills ParkbrbrNPS Has Not Yet Released Decision on Concession Contract at Nichols MarinabrbrSchumer, Grimm Request Meeting with NPS Director to Highlight the Economic and Recreational Impact of Marina on Communitybrbr


U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and Congressman Michael Grimm (NY11) today requested a personal meeting with National Park Service Director (NPS) Jonathan Jarvis to discuss the fate of Nichols Marina at Great Kills Park on Staten Island. Earlier in December, Schumer and Grimm called on NPS to commit to maintaining the marina at Great Kills Park and allow it to rebuild after 350 of its boat slips were swept away due to Superstorm Sandy. Schumer and Grimm have advocated on behalf of the "Committee to Save Great Kills Park Marina Community," and are requesting that Director Jarvis listen to the needs of local boaters by allowing the marina to rebuild.


"Nichols Marina isn't just a marina, it's like a home to hundreds of boaters on Staten Island and we must not allow it to be shut down," said Schumer. "The longer NPS waits on a decision, the closer we approach the summer months that boaters look forward to spending at Nichols Marina and that's why Congressman Grimm and I are requesting to meet with the NPS director to discuss the urgent need for this marina to stay at Great Kills Park."


"Nichols Marina is essential to Staten Island's boating community and a driver of our local economy," said Rep. Grimm. "As we rebuild in the aftermath of Sandy, restoring the marina must be a part of the process. It is unfortunate that an agreement on this matter continues to be delayed, which is why I along with Senator Schumer have called for a meeting with the NPS Director to move quickly on an agreement to restore Nichols Marina."


Nichols Great Kills Park Marina is part of Gateway National Recreation area, which is federally owned land, and the marina's operator, Marina's of the Future, runs the marina as an NPS concessionaire.  Superstorm Sandy destroyed the marina and its 350 floating wooden boat slips were washed away because of the storm. The concession lease expired on December 31 st.


As a result, a number of Staten Island residents formed a group known as, "The Committee to Save Great Kills Park Marina Community." Its mission is to rebuild the marina and the group's website has been viewed hundreds of times. Schumer and Grimm have been working with the committee after receiving dozens and dozens of petitions from the committee asking for their support in rebuilding the marina.


Schumer and Grimm today requested a meeting with Director Jarvis in Washington, D.C. to discuss the importance of Nichols Marina. In the meeting, Schumer and Grimm plan to go over the economic need for this marina as well as the recreation benefits it provide to Staten Island.


A copy of Schumer and Grimm's letter can be found below:


Jonathan Jarvis


National Parks Service

1110 Ohio Drive S.W.

Washington, DC  20242


Dear Director Jarvis:


We write to invite you to attend a meeting to discuss the important issue of the National Park Service maintaining a marina at Great Kills Park. The marina is an important piece of recreational heritage for the community, as it has operated as an NPS concession on Staten Island for over 37 years.


We wish to discuss how NPS can show commitment to this community, which has suffered so much hardship in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. As a result of the storm, 350 floating docks at the Nicholas marina were destroyed. This dealt a devastating blow to the Staten Island boating community. It is critical to get a new concession contract in place to begin rebuilding immediately. The marina not only supports recreation, but also has a significant economic impact to local community. 


The rebuilding of Nicholas Marina represents an opportunity to assist the people of Staten Island in recovering from this tragic event. They have been faced with unspeakable damage to their homes, community, and economy.  We thank you for your attention to this important matter, and hope to be able to discuss with you in person how best to assist the Staten Island community.  




U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and Rep. Michael Grimm