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The Air Force Research Laboratory In Rome, New York Is An Invaluable Program That Focuses On Gathering And Processing Cyber Intelligence, And Is Considered The Nation’s Premier Research Organization For Command, Control, Communications, Cyber and Intelligence Technologies 

Schumer Today Announced That He Will Work Tirelessly To Ensure That The Lab’s Anti-Terrorism Perimeter Security And Entry Control Point Is Fully Funded By The Upcoming Military Construction And Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer today launched an effort to secure $14.2 million to fortify security at the Air Force Research Laboratory (Rome Lab) in Rome, New York in the Fiscal Year 2019 Military Construction Appropriation bill. Specifically, the funds would enhance anti-terrorism perimeter security and entry point control point at Rome Lab. Schumer vowed to fight to secure funding for the project in the Senate, and added that ensuring the security of Rome Lab and its personnel is critical to its important mission. 

“Rome Lab is a national leader in countering cyber-threats, and an engine for economic growth right here in the Mohawk Valley. So we must ensure the Lab has the funding it needs to advance research and development and that it also has a secure perimeter protecting its assets,” said Senator Schumer. “As the Senate Democratic Leader, with one of four seats at the table for budget negotiations, I will do everything I can to ensure Rome Lab has all the resources in needs to continue its critical mission.”

The proposed construction would comply with Department of Defense antiterrorism protection requirements by constructing a site security fence around the perimeter of Rome Lab equipped with associated lighting, video surveillance, card controlled personnel entry access gates, and visitor control entry point to mitigate threats from vehicle born improvised devices. Schumer said an adequate and secure location is required to protect Rome Lab personnel left vulnerable to potential terrorist type activities, active shooters, and other criminal activity.

Recently, Schumer said that he was able to secure an additional $21 million in federal funding for Rome Lab in this year’s bipartisan spending bill, bringing its total funding to $243,329,000. Schumer also added that Rome Labs is a driver of growth for the regional economy and a major source of employment. According to the USAF’s 2017 economic impact analysis, Rome Lab employed over 1,200 workers with an annual payroll of $140 million and generated over $392 million in regional economic activity last year.

Located in Oneida County, one of Rome Lab’s primary focuses is gathering and processing cyber intelligence. Since 1997, it has been the USAF’s “Superlab” and is considered the nation’s premier research organization for Command, Control, Communications, Cyber and Intelligence (C4I) technologies. These technologies transform data into information and subsequently knowledge for decision makers to command and control forces. This knowledge gives our air, space and cyberspace forces the competitive advantage needed to protect and defend the nations.  Ensuring the security of Rome Lab and its personnel is critical to this important mission.  This request will directly enhance the anti-terrorism, perimeter security, and entry control point at Rome, NY.