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Schumer, Following Personal Call to Alcoa CEO, Say He is Optimistic There Are No Reductions In Workforce Levels Or Smelting Capacity At Massena Planned Despite Current Down Market For Aluminum & Alcoa’s Global Reduction Of Smelting Capacity

Schumer-Led Effort To Provide The Plant With A Steady Supply Of Clean And Affordable Power Has It Well Positioned For The Future 

Schumer: I Will Watch This Situation Like A Hawk & Continue to Do Whatever I Can To Help Alcoa Thrive In The North Country For A Long Time To Come

Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced that, during a personal phone call with Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld, Kleinfeld gave a strong indication that Alcoa is committed to the plant in Massena. Following the call, Schumer said he was confident the plant has a good future and feels optimistic that Massena jobs are well-positioned to withstand market vagaries and the current global cost-cutting at Alcoa that is taking place as a result of the current down market for aluminum and Alcoa’s resultant global reduction of smelting capacity. Schumer has long fought to ensure Alcoa has a strong future in Massena, including leading the charge to provide the plant with the clean, steady, and affordable power it needs to keep the facility well-positioned for the future. Schumer said the Alcoa CEO’s assurance that the company is committed to its North Country facility is promising news for local jobs, and the Senator vowed to continue monitoring the situation to ensure local employment levels are protected.

“I spoke directly with Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld, and I feel very confident that Alcoa remains deeply committed to its workforce levels and smelting capacity at Massena, despite the down market for aluminum right now and Alcoa’s global reduction of smelting capacity. This is due in large part to the wise investment we forged to provide the plant with a steady supply of clean and affordable power, not to mention a sensible and balanced agreement with EPA regarding the clean-up of the Grasse River,” said Schumer. “Preserving these vital North Country jobs for Alcoa’s world-class workforce is a tippy-top priority of mine, and I will continue to watch this situation like a hawk and stay in touch with the company and with local leaders so that we are doing all we can to help Alcoa thrive in the North Country for a long time to come.”

Alcoa Inc. is a New York-based company that specializes in mining, refining, smelting, fabricating and recycling aluminum. The company is currently the world's third largest aluminum producer and maintains operations in 31 countries. Alcoa's Massena, NY facility is the longest continually operating aluminum facility in the world, currently employing over 1,000 people, and contributing $340 million to the local economy annually through payroll, taxes, and contributions to community events.

In 2013, Schumer visited Alcoa and launched his effort for the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other relevant federal agencies to approve and expedite the publication of a proposed remedial action plan (PRAP), for the cleanup of pollutants in the Grasse River. Following his push, the EPA heeded Schumer’s call and released its plan for the cleanup of these pollutants, which he said would help boost and speed-up Alcoa’s plans to improve the local environment and maintain a healthy workforce in Massena.

Alcoa Inc. is also the largest private sector employer north of Syracuse and has been a vital part of the Massena community since 1902. The company is committed to both the human and environmental success of the region, and has been a key player in the restoration of the area along the Grasse and St. Lawrence rivers. Through funding and continuous research, Alcoa plans to monitor and reduce its ecological footprint in the region, while helping to revitalize its natural surroundings.