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Schumer Receives Prestigious National Award For His Leadership In Fighting Crystal Meth

Schumer given Guardian Award from the Partnership for a Drug Free America at ceremony in Washington DC today

Senator has been outspoken advocate for stronger federal policies to fight spread of crystal meth to NY communities; 3-point plan includes tougher crackdowns on meth labs, increased federal funding to law enforcment, and public ad campaign to stop meth abuse

US Senator Charles E. Schumer today received the prestigious Guardian Award from the Partnership for a Drug Free America for his work fighting the spread of the highly addictive drug crystal meth. The award is given to Members of Congress who have proven their leadership in preventing drug abuse in youths and teenagers both in their home states and in Congress. Schumer, who has warned about the proliferation of crystal meth, received the award from Partnership Chairman Roy Bostock.

"Crystal meth is becoming the new crack its spreading into the New York communities and we have to provide local law enforcement, parents and community members with the tools to fight back, Schumer said. We need to close the loophole that helps make making crystal meth even easier than making crack, and we need federal funds for prevention, treatment, and care.

Schumer has been an outspoken advocate for stronger federal policies to fight the spread of crystal meth to New York communities. This summer, Schumer unveiled a three point plan to stop meth abuse. The plan includes a comprehensive antimeth national ad campaign similar to that ran by the Office of National Drug Control Policy warning parents and children about marijuana use; harsh federal punishments for meth dealers and makers on par with those assessed to crack dealers and makers; and increased federal funding to local law enforcement agencies for their meth prevention and apprehension programs.

The number of meth labs in the New York State has been almost doubling on a yearly basis. There have been 72 meth lab seizures in the Southern Tier alone since 1999.