Schumer Response To Bush News Conference

President Should Come Out Forcefully Against MTBE Giveaways, Schumer Will Stop Bill Dead in TracksPresident Travels Far and Wide to Sell Social Security; Country Responds Loud and Clear in Opposition to Privatization and Benefit Cuts

Today President George W. Bush held a press conference to encourage the Congress to move forward to pass major legislation including an energy bill and his Social Security privatization plan. Sen. Chuck Schumer released the following statement in response to the Presidents news conference:

The Presidents energy bill is of, by, and for the large energy companies, and it does far too little to encourage the number one way we can become independent of foreign oil conservation. Moreover, the House bill, which contains the odious MTBE giveaway will cause us to do everything we can to stop the energy bill dead in its tracks. If the president wants to get an energy bill, he should come out forcefully against the MTBE giveaway.

The Presidents Social Security privatization scheme is another example of the lack of consultation and reaching across the aisle that has become a hallmark of this White House. As the President has traveled far and wide to sell Social Security privatization, the country has responded loud and clear that they are not buying privatization and are worried even more about massive benefit cuts to low to middle income workers.

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