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Schumer Has Long Worked To Expand Capital Region’s Wind Industry, Calling On GE’s CEO To Bolster Their Presence With New Turbine Manufacturing

GE Has Cited The Schumer-led Inflation Reduction Act As A Catalyst For Adding Over 200 Full-Time, Good-Paying Local Jobs In Schenectady And Plans To Hire Skilled Union Operators, Manufacturing Engineers, And Frontline Leadership

Schumer: The Inflation Reduction Act Is The Wind In The Sails That Carried This Investment To The Capital Region – Creating New Green-Energy Jobs, Helping NY Achieve Its Clean-Energy Goals, & Spinning GE’s Wind Turbine Manufacturing To New Heights

Following his continued advocacy to boost Upstate New York as a leader in clean energy and manufacturing, U.S Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today announced that GE Vernova will create 200 new good-paying jobs, including skilled union operators and manufacturing engineers, while investing $50 million at its Schenectady, NY, facility to establish a new manufacturing line for its onshore wind business. This follows years of Schumer’s direct advocacy to GE to expand its wind business in the Capital Region, and major federal investments to bolster the domestic wind industry that Schumer passed in the Inflation Reduction Act, which GE has cited as the catalyst for its investment. Schumer said GE will now assemble three key components for GE Vernova’s 6.1 MW wind turbine that have never been manufactured in the U.S. before, helping further establish New York as a growing clean energy hub.

“New York has played an incredibly important role in GE’s history, and I am thrilled that GE Vernova has heeded my calls to expand its wind turbine manufacturing in Schenectady with 200 new good-paying jobs,” said Senator Schumer. “I am proud that the Inflation Reduction Act, which I led to passage as Majority Leader, has been the wind in the sails that carried this project to the Capital Region. This major $50 million investment is more than just boosting our clean energy industry, it is bringing critical manufacturing back to America, all while helping the Capital Region reach new heights.”

Schumer added, “The same GE campus that was established by Thomas Edison and Charles Steinmetz which helped make GE an international brand will help power America’s clean energy future and continue the great legacy of this campus for the next generation.”

Schumer said that the manufacturing assembly line will be installed in the current building where GE Vernova today manufactures steam turbines and generators, and that construction is anticipated to be completed by summer 2023, with the first set of components produced by early fall.

Schumer has a long history of continued advocacy to boost Upstate New York as a leader in clean energy, including pushing GE to build on its long tradition of manufacturing in New York's Capital Region by manufacturing wind technology in the Capital Region. Just last year, Schumer met with the CEO of General Electric, Larry Culp, to continue his advocacy for the company to expand in New York by building new capacity to manufacture wind technology. Schumer also has met with the President of Vestas-American Wind Technology, Laura Beane, about the company’s interest in expanding their operations in the U.S., and urged her to consider New York, including in the Capital Region. Today’s investments also follow historic incentives Schumer led to passage to accelerate American clean energy manufacturing in the Inflation Reduction Act. This includes a production tax credit for U.S. wind turbine manufacturing, which GE has cited in its expansion.

GE Vernova will assemble critical components for 6.1-158 onshore wind turbines in Schenectady, including the machine head, hub and drive train to help meet demand in the U.S. The turbine is designed for low-to-medium wind speeds and is equipped with an innovative carbon two-piece blade design, offering improved logistics and increased output from hard-to-reach sites.