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Unhitched, Idle Box Cars Have Been Parked in Greece for Two Weeks Despite Community Protests with No Indication of When They will Be Moved

In personal letter to CSX CEO Ward, Senator Urges Their Immediate Removal

Schumer: These Rail Cars Threaten to Derail Public Safety

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today called on CSX to remove the unwelcome parked rail cars from the Pebbleview Drive neighborhood in Greece. According to neighborhood residents, a string of CSX rail cars moved in to the neighborhood two weeks ago, parked, and have not left. Residents are concerned that the rail cars will become a magnet for vagrants, expose the community to unsavory graffiti, and could pose a hazard for curious children who explore the unlocked cars. As pleas from residents to CSX to remove the cars have fallen on deaf ears, Schumer weighed in with a personal letter to CSX CEO Michael Ward, calling on him to immediately remove the unwanted cars from the neighborhood.
"They say good fences make good neighbors. Unfortunately for the residents of Pebbleview Drive, there is no fence big enough to block out the unwelcomed rail cars CSX has decided to park in the neighborhood," Schumer said. "CSX should heed the residents' outcry, immediately remove the rail cars from this community, and adopt a good neighbor policy of never parking rail cars in residential neighborhoods."
Unfortunately the Town of Greece has no authority to demand that the cars be removed. The only agency with the authority to mandate removal of the cars, if CSX does not remove them on its own, is the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Schumer pledged to take Greece residents' protest to the FRA if CSX does not remove the cars in a timely fashion.
The full text of the letter is below.
Dear Mr. Ward:
I write to express concern with the presence of a line of CSX box cars that inhabit the Pebbleview Drive neighborhood of Greece, NY.  I am specifically concerned that CSX has not indicated to residents when the cars, which are both an eyesore and safety hazard, will be removed from their community.  I ask that CSX waste no time in relocating the cars.
As I understand, the Town of Greece wrote to CSX to express concern with the stray box cars that have been left, seemingly abandoned, in their neighborhood.  CSX responded that the matter would be addressed shortly, but gave no indication of when the cars might be removed.
The residents of Pebbleview Drive are understandably concerned about the presence of the box cars, which are dotted with graffiti.  The cars pose both an aesthetic issue as well as a safety issue, as residents are greatly concerned about their children playing on the abandoned cars.
I ask that CSX swiftly relocate to the box cars to a more appropriate location that is not in a residential location.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, and if you have any questions or need further information please contact my Washington, DC office at 2022246542.
Charles E. Schumer
United States Senator