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Jets Looking to Move Training Camp Away From Distractions of Current Camp in NJ, Possible Choices Include Colleges in Upstate New York -- Cortland, Cornell, Utica, Marist all Possibilities

Giants and Bills Already Train at College Campuses in Upstate NY Providing Boost to Local Economy

In Personal Letter to GM Mike Tannenbaum, Schumer Urges Jets to Choose Upstate NY Location for Camp

After the New York Jets announced that they will be holding their training camp outside of New Jersey this year, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today wrote to Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum urging him to bring the Jets to an Upstate New York college this summer. In a statement this week, Jets spokesman Bruce Speight said the Jets were looking outside the 27acre Atlantic Health Jets Training Center in Florham to get his players in shape this summer.   Jets coach Rex Ryan is reportedly interested in a more secluded location away from the crowds and media glare in their current camp, in order to better focus and prepare his team for the coming season. Among the schools that have been mentioned are SUNY Cortland, Utica College, Cornell and Marist. Bringing the Jets to upstate New York for training camp would bring an economic boost to the local economy as restaurants, hotels and local merchants would likely profit from the influx of players, coaches and spectators.
"Upstate New York would be good for the Jets and the Jets would be good for upstate New York," said Schumer. "We can provide them with an environment in which the players can truly focus on their training, and in exchange the JETS, Jets, Jets, Jets would help create JOBS, jobs jobs jobs."
Jets Coach Rex Ryan recently announced that he is looking for a quiet, remote location that can accommodate players and fans during training camp this summer. The current Jets Training Camp facility, Florham Park, does not have dormitories for players or bleacher seating for fans, two factors that may have contributed to the desire to move. Coach Ryan recently noted that he has narrowed his choices to a few upstate New York schools, including Cornell University in Ithaca, and State University of New York at Cortland.  Other locations including Marist College and Utica College have been mentioned in media reports. Training on a college campus in Upstate New York will allow the Jets to train in a lowprofile environment where they can have a singular focus on the upcoming season.
Bringing the Jets to Upstate New York for training camp will also benefit the local economy. Restaurants, hotels and local merchants would likely profit from the Jets' summer presence.
To help bring the Jets to Upstate New York this summer, Schumer wrote to GM Mike Tannenbaum him to choose an Upstate New York location for his training camp.  
"Upstate New York has exactly what the Jets want in a training camp:  quiet, remote locations with firstclass facilities," said Schumer. "For the Jets, choosing to relocate their training camp to Upstate New York should be as easy as kicking an extra point."
In the letter, Schumer noted that other pro football have successfully taken advantage of the quiet, remote locations with firstclass facilities that Upstate New York has to offer for a summer training camp. The NY Giants train at the University at Albany and the Buffalo Bills, who have conducted summer training camp at a remote location every year since 1960, currently train at St. John Fisher College, which is regarded as one of the top training camp sites in the NFL.
Schumer added, "Upstate New York would be just perfect for the Jets. The firstrate facilities that are available at many of our schools, and the die hard passion for football provide the ideal setting for the team and I will do whatever I can to help bring them to the area."