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Schumer Secured $300K in Federal Funding for Strand Theatre in 2008 and 2010 Budget

Development of Theatre Critical to Revitalizing Downtown Plattsburgh

Schumer Stands at Strand Theatre and Discusses Project's Progress and the Future of Plattsburgh Revitalization

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Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer toured the Strand Theatre and discussed the progress that has been made on its renovations since he secured $300,000 in funding for the project in the fiscal year 2008 and 2010 budget. Schumer also discussed how the theatre's renovations are a crucial step in the larger rejuvenation of downtown Plattsburgh.


Standing at the Strand Theatre, Schumer was joined by Leigh Mundy, Board President of the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts; Garry Douglas, President of the PlattsburghNorth Country Chamber of Commerce and other community and business leaders. During the 2008 and 2010 appropriations process Schumer worked to secure $300,000 in funding for the theatre which allowed its developers to make critical infrastructure upgrades and leverage private investment to build momentum for the project.


"The revitalization of Strand Theatre is key to bringing back downtown Plattsburgh and over the last few years these federal funds have been an investment in just that," Said Schumer. "Right now our first priority has got to be creating jobs and one of the best ways to do that is to revitalize our downtowns."  


First opened in 1924, Strand Theatre was a central feature of Plattsburgh's bustling downtown. Over the years what would become known as 'The Strand' at times attracted over 100,000 visitors yearly and became a prime destination for tourists from throughout Northern New York, Vermont and Canada. The revitalization of the theatre is part of a coordinated effort to enliven downtown Plattsburgh in a way that will attract tourists and the local community. Schumer's work on behalf of the project is rooted in his belief that a vibrant downtown is critical to economic recovery in Plattsburgh and places throughout the state.   


Since 2008, Schumer has worked to secure critical funding for the project that has allowed it to move forward. In the 2008 fiscal year budget (FY08) Schumer was able to secure $100,000 in funding and then in the fiscal year 2010 (FY10) secured an additional $200,000 in funding. The funds allowed Strand Theatre to improve the facility's infrastructure and leverage the $1,000,000 that has already been raised from private sources. Going forward, Strand Theatre will serve as an important part of downtown Plattsburgh's revitalization.


 The fully restored Strand Theatre will be a cultural landmark in itself and is expected to draw visitors to the City from Northern New York, Vermont and Canada. The Strand Restoration project has been identified by two different consultant firms, hired by the city, to be the key anchor to the revitalization of the area, and it that will attract business to the North Country and help stop the loss of young educated workers who move to find a well rounded quality of life. Today, Schumer viewed the theatre's recent progress and pledged to continue fighting on its behalf.