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brbrBabylon Received Approximately $2 Million In Federal Highway Funds For Other Projects That No Longer Need The Resources Administrative Hurdles Could Prevent Those Dollars From Being Used For Train Station Design and RebuildbrbrNewly Rebuilt Train Station Would Encourage Private Sector Investment and Is Vital to Wyandanch Rising Project That Will Transform Community and Create Hundreds of JobsbrbrSchumer Has Been Key Supporter Of Project, Having Helped To Deliver Millions In Federal Fundsbrb


U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today urged the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to provide $2 million in badly needed funds for the design and construction of a new Wyandanch Train Station in the Town of Babylon. The Town has already secured $2 million in federal funding for other projects that no longer need the resources, but administrative hurdles could prevent the funds from being used in the most effective manner - towards the train station.  Schumer today urged the Department of Transportation (DOT) and FHWA to clear those hurdles and allow the town to use the federal resources from the department's Transportation, Community, and System Preservation (TCSP) Program for the train station, which is a vital component of the "Wyandanch Rising" project.   Schumer has been a long time supporter of the Wyandanch Rising project, having already helped to deliver millions in federal dollars for infrastructure projects. 


"A new Wyandanch train station would be a powerful engine in efforts to attract private development and revitalize the downtown," said Schumer. "Instead of derailing the project, the feds should be pressing full speed ahead to direct these resources to the  most effective possible route.  The new station will undoubtedly spur economic development in a community that has been lacking sufficient investment. This is a great step towards reinvigorating our local communities and that's why I am urging the DOT to support this project."


"I thank Senator Schumer for his steadfast support for Wyandanch Rising and the Wyandanch community," said Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer.  "It is vital that this funding be approved, as this new train station will not only be a transit centerpiece, but a point of pride and identity for the community."


"Senator Schumer has always been a dedicated advocate on behalf of the Wyandanch Rising project, and I thank him for supporting our request for this important funding," said Babylon Town Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez.  "This attractive new civic building will help draw new business development to the area and further spur economic growth."


"The monies secured from the TCSP program will be used to design and construct a new Wyandanch train station.   A new train station is critical to help spur private investment and public interest in the Wyandanch Rising project," said Legislator DuWayne Gregory.


The TCSP Program focuses on researching the relationships between transportation, community, and system preservation. The program uses transportation funds to support the planning, development, and implementation of projects that would reduce the inefficiency, environmental impact, and costs of the transportation system. Projects eligible for these grants also include plans and practices that encourage private sector growth and investment, as well as access to centers of economic activity. Schumer said that this project clearly meets all the necessary criteria.


The Town of Babylon's proposal to design and construct a new Wyandanch Train Station will replace the current station built in 1875. This new civic structure is expected to attract private investment and grow the private sector in the area. The new station provides a new pedestrian overpass, complementing the Long Island Rail Road's Second Track initiative to build another track between Ronkonkoma and Farmingdale.


The total project cost for the project is $4 million. The Empire State Development Council has committed to $1 million for design and construction of the Station Building.


Schumer today wrote a letter to the FHWA in support of the Town of Babylon's efforts to reprogram funding under TCSP Grant Program. Schumer explained that the new station will stimulate the local economy of the Wyandanch community, while serving as a beautiful new civic structure and a testament to reinvestment in this community.