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Sen. Schumer And Ambassador Wilson Ask For Suspension Of Roves National Security Clearance

White House Should Suspend Deputy Chief of Staffs Security Clearance Information While Investigation is Pending, Until Plame Leak Is ResolvedIn Light Of Time Reporter Matt Coopers Confirmation That Rove Was a Source In the Leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plames IdentityAmendment to Homeland Security Spending Bill Would Suspend/Revoke Security Clearances for Federal Employees Who Have Disclosed Cl

Today U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer and Ambassador Joseph Wilson called for the suspension of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Roves security clearance until the investigation of the leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plames identity is resolved. Also, Schumer is cosponsoring an amendment to Homeland Security spending bill, offered by Sen. Carl Levin which would suspend or revoke security clearances for federal employees who have disclosed classified information.

Schumer said, I was the first to call for the immediate, independent investigation into the Plame leak, and that investigation is now finally bearing fruit. The bottom line here is simple, and something we all learned as children if someone cant keep a secret, dont tell him secrets. It now appears very possible that Karl Rove cant keep a secret, even a national security secret. It is simply too great a risk to allow him continued access to classified information if these allegations may be true. The President must cut off Roves national security clearance until this investigation comes to a close.

Ambassador Joe Wilson stated, I agree completely with Senator Schumer that Karl Rove should lose his access to classified information. Senator Schumer was the driving force behind this investigation in the beginning, and he deserves credit for refusing to let this national security leak get swept under the rug. As I have said before, this issue is not about me or my family my family is merely collateral damage to a much bigger violation of the public trust. I believe it is time for Karl Rove to go, and time for this President to live up to his promises that anyone involved in this leak would be fired. But at the very least, how can he maintain his access to classified information when it appears so clear now that he has revealed classified information to the press for partisan purposes?

What has been done this week on the CIA covert operative leak: 1. Schumer letter to Karl Rove asking him questions about what he knew, when, and who he talked to;

2. Schumer letter to Department of Justice asking about the standards by which security clearances are suspended or revoked;

3. Schumer letter to President Bush calling on him to direct Rove to answer questions and stand by his original statement of firing those involved;

4. Democratic Senate Leadership letter to Andy Card asking him to make the initial White House report public and commence a new internal White House investigation to square what Spokesman McClellan said publicly about Rove's noninvolvement in the leak.

The Levin Amendment, which Sen. Schumer is cosponsoring, says that no federal employee who discloses, or has disclosed, classified information, including the identity of a covert agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, to a person not authorized to receive such information shall be permitted to hold a security clearance for access to such information.