"I am perplexed by a ruling that goes immediately to breakup when there are other remedies available. I am concerned about Judge Jackson's decision, not because I believe that Microsoft is completely blameless, but because there are other options that would have far less impact on the company and the economy while still sending a strong signal that anticompetitive behavior will not be tolerated. Microsoft has created an immensely popular product that is affordable and that satisfies consumers. Meanwhile, there seems to be no shortage of innovation and competition throughout the high tech industry.

"Obviously, if Microsoft broke the law, they should be punished. But not all legal roads lead to a breakup. The drastic measure of having the government order the break up of a company should be used as a last resort, especially if there are other options available. And ultimately, I have my doubts as to whether consumers will benefit in any way from this decision if it stands.

"I will raise these questions as well as others concerning the ramifications that this breakup could have on the high tech industry and our economy when the Senate Judiciary Committee convenes hearings shortly."

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