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Senators Schumer And Clinton Announce Congressional Panel Approval Of $368.1 Million In Military Construction Funding For Fort Drum

Funding Included in Veterans Affairs and Military Construction Appropriations Bill Approved by Conference Committee

Washington, DC - Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that a Joint House and Senate Conference Committee has approved the Fiscal Year 2008 Veterans Affairs and Military Construction Appropriations bill, which includes $368.1 million in military construction funding for Fort Drum.

The funding includes $347.9 million proposed in the President's Fiscal Year 2008 budget for upgrades to address projected barracks shortages at Fort Drum and assist in the 10th Mountain Division's reorganization into three brigade combat teams and provides an additional $20.2 million approved by the conference committee for an automated qualification training range and a child development center. The bill must now be approved by both chambers of Congress. If the bill is passed by the House and Senate, it will then be sent to the President for his signature.

"The expansion of Fort Drum is one of the very bright spots in the North Country, and this funding will provide substantial support for the base's exciting growth. We've cleared another hurdle in the appropriations process, and are that much closer to ensuring that the worldclass troops at Fort Drum have the best facilities and latest equipment," said Senator Schumer. "These funds will reaffirm Fort Drum'

s leadership at the forefront of defense for New York and the Nation."
"Fort Drum is home to the brave men and women of the 10th Mountain Division, the most frequently deployed division in the Army, and this funding will accommodate the base's need for growth and improvement. I'm pleased that the conference committee has taken the next step toward providing our troops at Fort Drum with modern facilities and equipment, and I look forward to the President signing this bill into law," Senator Clinton said.

The $368.1 million for Fort Drum in the FY 2008 Military Construction Appropriations bill includes:

Infrastructure Upgrades $12 million
Brigade Complex Company Operations $55 million
Brigade Complex Barracks/Operations $40 million
Brigade Complex Maintenance Facility $44 million
Medical Clinic Addition/Alteration $41 million
Army Reserve Center $15.923 million
Unit Operations Facilities (Grow the Force) $79 million
Barracks (Grow the Force) $61 million
Automated Qualification Training Range $9.6 million
Child Development Center $10.6 million